This essay opened with a folktale about the many Ramayanas. Rama lays siege to Lanka with his monkey allies, and in a brief section recovers Sita and is crowned king. Now Hanuman can enter any hole, no matter how tiny. We may add to these many more: However, Ramanujan considers only five tellings of Ramayana, namely, the tellings by Valmiki , Kamban , the Jain telling, the Thai Ramakien and the South Indian folk tellings. Origin and Development Hindi. About two weeks ago, Delhi University voted to remove A.

We have a big list of the writers of such Ramayanas beginning with Sanskrit poets such as Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti, Bhoja, Rajashekhara and Kaviraja, and the Kannada writer and poet Kuvempu. Just a list of languages in which the Rama story is found makes one gasp: This sort of mischief in the academia has continued in the case of the so-called Ramayanas as well. One ends with the return of Rama and Sita to Ayodhya, their capital, to be crowned king and queen of the ideal kingdom. The emphasis on water itself, the source of life and fertility, is also an explicit part of the Tamil literary tradition.

ak ramanujans essay 300 ramayanas

But the proportions between the three kinds of relations differ vastly between Kampan and Goldman. Such a mythic groundswell also makes us hear other tones in the continual references to nature, the potent presence of birds and animals as the devoted friends of Rama in esszy search for essag Sita.

Bhat, who has compiled the Baroda edition of the Ramayana with all its interpolations and various tellingsDr. If we add plays, dance-dramas, and other performances, a, both the classical and folk traditions, the number of Ramayanas grows even larger. Meanwhile, Ravula himself becomes pregnant, his pregnancy advancing a month each day. A moment later, he realises that his curse has taken the form of a line of verse—in a famous play on words, the rhythm of his grief soka has given rise to a metrical form sloka.

Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation

We had nothing more to say. Here, as the reviver of Ahalya, he is a cloud-dark god of fertility. Very soon, he was caught up in the adventures and the characters of the great epic story.


When this happens, the Rama story has become almost a second language of the whole culture area, a shared core of names, characters, incidents, and motifs, with a narrative language in which Text 1 can say one thing and Text 2 something else, even the exact opposite. However, Ramanujan considers only five tellings of Ramayana, namely, the tellings by ValmikiKambanthe Jain telling, the Thai Ramakien and the South Indian folk tellings.

Ramayana: An ‘epic’ controversy – BBC News

Thus, when Chapman translates Homer, he not only preserves basic textual features such as characters, imagery and order of incidents, but tries to reproduce a hexameter and retain the same number of lines as in the original Greek—only the language is English and the idiom Elizabethan. Though a right-wing Hindu organization called the ABVP has claimed that the essay is offensive to Hindus and they led a violent protest against the essay inin fact the purpose of the essay is primarily scholarly — it’s an attempt to document the different versions of the Ramayana that have been passed down in different Indian languages.

Ravana learns at the end that Laksmana is such a Vasudeva come to take his life. In the one, we rejoice in the similarity; in the other, we cherish and savour the differences. In the second tradition, in addition to countering, the narrative seeks to provide some alternate views as well.

They are unhappy and childless. In some languages the word for tea is derived from a northern Chinese dialect and in others from a southern dialect; thus some languages, like English and French, have some form of the word tea, while others, like Hindi and Russian, have some form of the word cha y.

Furthermore, her abnormal birth as the daughter born directly to the male Ravana brings to the story a new range of suggestions: Administrators try to please political parties because they are scared of reprisals.

Partings and reunions, which are the heart of the Hindu Ramayana s, are not as important as the excitement and the details of war, the techniques, the fabulous weapons. The king looked around and showed him a platter.

But this story is about the power of the Ramayanaabout what happens when you really listen to this potent story. I could take issues with his complacent reading of the Tamil Kamban, 030 hermeneutical rendering of Jaina and other tellings, his disengagement with the politics of caste in subversive texts, his translations, etc. Views Read Edit View history.


ak ramanujans essay 300 ramayanas

The listener can ramanujanx longer bear to be a bystander but feels compelled to enter the world of the epic: When Rama finds out she is still alive, he recalls Sita to his palace by sending her word that he is dead.

The following sources provide more information on the ramayajas against the inclusion of the essay in the curriculum:. The Thais enjoy most the sections about the abduction of Sita and the war. When it touched the earth, it made a hole in the ground and disappeared into it. Crackdown on Activists – reports, commentary and public statements Paradise Papers: But what concerns Mukherjee more is not so much the shenanigans of the Hindutva brigade as the manner in which Delhi University DU capitulated in the ramayamas of those shenanigans.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas: Transmission, Interpretation And Dialogue In Indian Traditions

Our topic is one that is both personal to all of us and one from which we aim to bring about the notion that the presentation of history in a certain manner always has far reaching implications and hence should be done in a very responsible manner. So, in order to adapt ramanuujans tale about horse to their conditions it may have to be retold as a bull, which was known to them.

In one memorable incident, he lays siege to an impregnable fort. They advise him to feed and dress the child, and leave her some place where she will be found and brought up by some couple.