In , at the time of the centenary, he launched an appeal to parents for funds. I can remember some trivial things about them — for instance, Walsom was perpetually covered in ink! The McCleans were running the tail end years of the boarding house, whose ground floor had become Home economics, surely a stranger of the previous boys school, and where I spent a lot of time stitching. Hi Brian Tourle, I have just read your post. My name is Katharine and Brian Williams was my grandfather. The college takes no responsibility for bikes left on the premises. I do know that except for a few crazies that people get in all years, I felt that we had a good group of kids in our year.

And you lit them very well, Bob. I have a feeling that the course was really supposed to be about Church architecture and was an alternative to more formal lessons in RI for those of us who were less religiously inclined? I am on my third and last marriage. This is backed up by our annual Futures Fair where we have approximately exhibitors available to guide our students in their choices. If you would like to find a placement, the college can give you advice on how to research and approach businesses and apply for positions.

Good luck with your memoirs.

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No problem — more canoeing time for the rest of us. Dave Goldman, Marc Feld, if you read this, I would love to hear from you. Dudley Seifert is quite correct in describing my brother as a large, hefty chap with big feet.


Why does homedork policy exist you might ask?

Pan casting causes controvesy. Two teams of eight to ten cadets symmetrically pulled the two halves of the elasticised rope outwards ahead of the glider at about 40 degrees away from the line of flight until a sufficient amount of stretch had been achieved.

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Careers team Guidance team. I married, joined the RAF and started a family and lost touch with my schoolmates. Oh well, happy days! I was at the school from to albeit with relatively poor academic achievements. sumker

And of coarse in the Boarding House Marshall! I remember his son who was at school at the same time as me. You can also access the document here.

bhasvic summer homework

I served from — Young people come to counselling for lots of different reasons, such as: I was impressed by the musical skills of Mr Akers History but never learnt a thing about music at the school.

This followed an incident when a group of senior boys took the law into their own hands and shaved the head of an anti-social pupil who we saw getting away with unacceptable behaviour no ASBOs in those days! My name is Katharine and Brian Williams was my grandfather. I am sorry that your memories of me are of me poking you in the back but at least you remembered me, which is more than most.

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Africa only wild animals though, never humans! BHSGS gave all that a good school should be asked to provide.


All students should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. Bully or harass any other member of the college community.

Very good wishes for a successful th. His son, Dennis Palmer, did play for the Old Grams. Must have been around or Many thanks, Robin Finch. I found out years later from a younger ex-pupil that he had taken over the boarding house, and the main thing that came across was that Mrs Maclean had been a bit of a tyrant.

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The fact that we all went on to summfr successful in our various careers is testimony to the standard of education we received under the aegis of Harry Brogden and his team. Having arrived at the Grammar School from a very small church school, I felt completely lost for the first two years.

We are updating and adding to our information and online guides all the time, so if you think there is anything missing, please do let us know: I hated Randall who humiliated me bhssvic times, Arnold Berry was a strange man and my form master for several years. The courses with charges attached and their amounts are in the College Prospectus.