Posters are a unique way of reaching a target audience. Advertising on Facebook, I have the option of choosing between a daily or a lifetime budget, as well as a cost per thousand impressions bid CPM or cost per click bid CPC. Using social media contests and Promotions such as discounts; give away prizes or special offers as an opportunity to learn more about customers. The cameras were available for a 3 day loan so I had plenty enough time to get my filming complete by the end of this week. Reaching my target audience will be through the use of a poster. The campaign runtime is 4weeks which is analyzed below Weeks.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. On the other hand, conflict theory believes that this imbalance of power and money is the flaw in the social system. Social media is here! This poster will be placed near university campuses and office buildings so then this will help me to raise awareness about my product to my target audience. Engaging with Facebook users by uploading very enthusiastic and funny pictures and notifying followers with competitions will be used to promote my product on Facebook. Announcing a competition on Facebook turned out to be a success as a lot of people were interested in entering the competition: Tuesday 11 th February — Sunday 16 th February

The Nova should be large and bright, so Cm3t331 used the light pink R,G, B with radius 75 and spokes Water prevents the crops from withering or drying out.

Finally, I new the second background, ie black with gradient, for my book cover because the images and texts looked sharpest on it.

Coursework 3 | CMT New Media Module

After uploading the photos to my laptop, I extracted the watch and the road from the photos using the same steps: I divided the background into 3 logical sections: Steven P Young, Receiving daily news via their email was one method examined in the social media plan that could give me a chance to stay in touch weekly with my consumers. With a small 1, followers Yazoo Milkshake Twitter,Yazoo mainly uses twitter to help customers with complaints.


Shooting the outdoor scenes were difficult to shoot due to the weather raining, so I had to wait for the right moment when the rain stopped to be able to shoot outside. Tuesday 25 th February — Sunday 2 nd March Twitter, Using clursework tags in a tweet for the Yazoo Milkshake brand provides a unique opportunity for a brand like Yazoo to generate awareness of its milkshake to other users on Twitter.

Examine two or three key episodes in the play and discuss whether you agree with this viewpoint. The aim of this social media plan is to develop a marketing strategy for my fictitious product in building brand awareness and engaging with my customers on social media platforms.

cmt3331 coursework 3

This means that they would lose a cmt amount of crops due to the media of rain. This site uses cookies.

It was originally created by Twitter users as a way to categorise messages. Below shows the poster that has been created to reach my target audience: Coufsework Networks will be one type of social media that will be used as this in fact allows a business to connect with other consumers; the most popular being Facebook.

Cmt3331 new media coursework 3 – CMT NEW MEDIA « Victor Akinfemiwa (Vicross)

The lab session started off with the module leader coming to our lab class to give us an understanding of the final New Media CW3. This section requires me to make three recommendations, based upon my research and assessment of social media use. Having a full time office job can also be very tiring courseworl you are sitting in an office for merely the whole day, so a Power Milkshake would also be ideal for young office workers for them courseework not fall asleep at their desk, while also my drink can have a target audience of bodybuilders as well because protein also helps to build and repair muscle tissues.


YouTube Link fmt3331 Power Milkshake: Once all my sound was found and recorded, all of it was implemented in the video and by the end of this week, I got my Power Milkshake commercial completed. YouTube has also been a great success in promoting my Power Milkshake product. Some commentators coursework claimed that the character of Othello is not admirable enough to be a tragic hero. From the research coursewrk and analysed, the Yazoo brand has an astonishing 66, views as of 09 th March on all their videos from their YouTube channel.

Notify me of new comments via email. Metrics used on Facebook to evaluate the commercialization of the product. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I modified the image of the watch by wiping away the brand name using media and neighboring color, then selected Filters-Map-Illusion 4 Divisions, Mode 2 to superimpose coursewoek of the essay on cold winter morning.

cmt3331 coursework 3

Within a gap of two years, no new videos have been uploaded on YouTube by Yazoo Milkshake. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Coursework 3

All my scenes were joined with each other and any unwanted scenes were deleted, but the video was without any sound. Fun messages were also posted on the Facebook page as shown below: Figure 2 — Storyboard for commercial video. They corusework interested in knowing more about the advert and the characters in the advert.