Giardini editori e stampatori, Jazykovedny casopis, 43, , pp. The data of the national survey are in computer-readable form. Computational Linguistics Laboratory Laboratorium pocitacovej lingvistiky , a small research unit founded in , is aimed at carrying out NLP research and developing LI applications. Currently prepares the doctoral thesis:

Founded in , RIL is the only non-university-affiliated research center in the field of linguistics in Hungary. A foreign language tutoring system: Born June 30, in Ljubljana, Slovenia; a degree in mathematics at the University of Ljubljana, master’s degree in information sciences at the University of Zagreb. It has strong links with Cobuild, dictionary publishers and proprietors of the ‘Bank of English’ corpus, which began as a joint venture between the University and the publishers Collins. Distributional statistical analysis in semantics, in: Multilingual corpora and language-independent software are the main research interests.

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Stock of shared knowledge – a tool for solving pronominal anaphora. The CFRL as an ideal construction [Andrjuscenko, ] was conceived as a system of several subfunds such as:. Daukanto 28, near Currciulum aikste Unity Square. A-D, pages; II.

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Technical report, Sofia Complex ’90 International Conference, Balatonfured Since there have been 48 scholarly titles conferred. A special feature is a formalized software system for designing new dictionaries. An interesting feature of the analysis is the fact that it retains some peculiarities of the source text thus stopping halway between the level of generality of a linguist and that of a philologist, historian, political scientist or information scientist.


Wortformenanalyse des Bulgarischen und Deutchen ohne Verwendung eines Lexemworterbuchs. These relationships develop through the above mentioned countries universities visiting professors working at VMU, esg the Lithuanian students participating in study programs abroad, as well as joint research projects.

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The recently founded institute inmade up, by mutual agreement, in part of members of several institutes and schools, aims at building-up a very large, multifunctional academic computer corpus of the Czech language The Czech National Corpusboth contemporary and historical in text form as well as spoken.

The project started in the early 50s and is expected to be finished by the end of The second volume described the phonology of Hungarian published in using mainly post-structural methodology.

The program, based on previous works of prof.

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Spektors, The Latvian Language and Computers. There are two levels of graduate studies.

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Its central location is at the very crossroads of trading routes and Kaunas is rapidly developing into a business center. Dutch, English and Scandinavian, Finnish, Slavonic languages, etc. The main questions to be addressed are as follows:. Magyar nyelvu szovegek vizsgalata szamitogeppel in Hungarian ‘Computational methods for examination of Hungarian texts’ Szekely G.

Tagging a Highly Inflected Language. Scores of theses are presented to the two academic councils – doctoral dissertations in German and Ramance languages or general linguistics and cadidate’s theses in foreign language teaching methodology.


On new tools for compuational lexicography In: Since an experimental MT system model is under construction. Cahiers de GUTenberg Topic-Focus Articulation – A matter of langue or parole?

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Seminar, 10 – 11 November,Riga”. More than young teachers graduate from the university each year.

Das Erhabene als Konzept der Wahrnehmung. The third volume, which will provide a detailed description of Hungarian morphology, is in preparation poue manuscript will be completed by the end of The Hungarian language is used in order to clarify various theoretical issues in phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

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Gesellschaft zur Fuerderung slawisticher Studien, There stand the symbols of Lithuanian statehood, the graceful Liberty monument and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal flame.

Nordiske studier i leksikografi. The lack of funding obliged us to freeze some projects half done, such as work on the above-mentioned corpus of Russian of or a project of a great terminological word list a kind of information system for terminological work.