It provides students with activities to construct a variety of assessment devices based on the principles and different approaches to language and assessment, to construct assessment devices for English learning based on language course outline of elementary, junior, and senior high schools, and to evaluate assessment practices at schools. The course discusses common problems in developing a proposal into a completed thesis and requires students to conduct at least one classroom-level presentation of thesis proposal. Basic English Grammar focuses on verb tenses, modal auxiliaries and similar expression, nouns and pronouns, articles and the passive. In addition, the course provides the students with knowledge of using dictionaries and other sources. The training will involve translation from English into Indonesian and from Indonesian into English of various written texts:

Required Courses Nowadays people are using smartphone mostly for communicating to each other, surfing the Internet, and even shopping. People can search some information for their task or assignment on Internet. English Linguistics 8 3. IGB This course studies various literary approaches that stem from the basic contexts of criticism:

IGB Deconstruction, 2 credits, 2 hours, elective Prerequisite: IGB; IGB This course enables students to analyze and with the knowledge of semiotics and its application in literary study.

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IGB This course enables students to particularly analyze the close relation between gender and language as systems of cultural construction: IGB; IGB This course is a practical study to provide students with direct experience in performing editorial task-base.

National examination is the most important thing in every school if you want to pass but the problem is does it still needs in Indonesia. IGB The course is designed to develop the students knowledge of the concepts and principles of how learners learn a second language.

They are also trained to conduct teaching-learning interactions of different patterns: Many principals, teachers, parents, and also students forget about the real purpose or meaning of national exams.

IGB The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the study of interaction between language and society or culture, including linguistics and sociocultural variants, phonological variants in sociocultural environments, the act of communication in social groups, functional models of language use, bilingualism and diaglossia, language as an index of social processes, language and world vision.


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IGB This is an introductory course to the study of meaning in English language. English phonology primarily explains how surface phonetic representation is derived from underlying phonemic representation by means of phonological rules, and additionally discusses how phonemics interacts with syntax, primarily with the surface structure which serves as input for phonology.

In addition, the course provides the students with knowledge of using dictionaries and other sources. It is mandatory that students compile progress and final report, and by the end of the program, conduct a classroom seminar to present the result s. IGB Journalism, 2 credits, 2 hours, elective Prerequisite: IGB The course provides the students with practice and exercises in translating and interpreting spoken and written English texts: English Language Skills 62 2.

It allows the students to clearly recognize the broad divide of linguistic approaches context-free and context-bound and the implications of the two approaches for linguistic research methodology: Sarjana s thesis is normally written in around IGB The course aims at developing students competence in critical studies toward the complex discourses of dramatic elements network by analyzing how some of literature s most contemporary issues ideology, gender, power, class conflict emerge and turn the dramatic text into power- contestation and meaning establishment in society.

Many smartphone product compete each other to show who is the greatest smatphone in the world. English Language Teaching 14 5. In fact, using smartphone is not always easy to use but also hard to use sometimes.

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Students will have to master and re produce the structural poetic systems such as poetic devices, forms, versification, metrical lining, and language figuration. The time-span of social history being analyzed may range from classic to contemporary era.

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Topics include the development and current attitudes of journalism, its tools and functions, and the enhancement of the skills along with the avoidance from the traps in journalism. IGB This course provides the students with opportunities to choose and read short stories, novels, and non fictions, such as articles from the Reader s Digest or chapter of textbook, at the intermediate level.


Any novelity produced is hoped to be able to critically challenge the frontiers of writing and, at the same time, progressively bring the frontiers a step always further. Esssay This course provides students with an understanding of the background theories and principles of assessment in English Language Teaching, including the procedures of test constructions.

Research Components 6 B. IGB The course provides the students with practice and training in advanced translating and interpreting in real situations, current news, and other sources of up-to-date information ingggris printed and electronic media.

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Students practice to re search and review primary and secondary sources references ; are facilitated to have clear mok of how to link topic s to possible and relevant methodologies; and to devise a topic into a small-scale research proposal by developing research questions, collecting relevant data, analyzing data, and drawing research conclusion s.

MPK – 01 Proyek Documents. IGB This course provides the students with adequate knowledge of relationship between linguistics macro and microespecially its research findings and language teaching and learning: There is a lack of seriousness between participant of the examination and mpm or everyone who should keep the national examination in a safe and good condition. IGB This course aims at developing students critical perspective and awareness toward the close relation between contemporary political, ideological, social, economical, and cultural development ingtris the production of literary works in one of the three main regions of English literature Britain, America, Australia.