They don’t even thinking about the people who doesn’t have anything. There isn’t justice in there. Traffic jam happened in many places in Jakarta. How if they still like that? The person who steals is called thief and who corrupts are called corruptor. Send us your feedback in the comments below!

For example, they recycle safety rubber into a chopstick cover. Farmers prefer to leave their hometowns in order to work in the city due to a lack of government incentives in the agricultural sector. It is not exactly stealing; the difference is that Corruption is not always known or visible. But how if they still doing Corruption, that will make disadvantages for the society. We can’t deny that the trash wasted by the citizen of Indonesia is too much, what makes it even messier is the insufficient space to gather the trash. And be social and don’t be too selfish to just care about yourselves.

Implementasi Revolusi Mental dalam Pemberantasan Korupsi di Kejagug “Memble”

Dirinya pun berpendapat kejaksaan saat ini seperti terserang penyakit kronis. In Jakarta the word Corruption is familiar to most of the people; they know that Corruptions happened everywhere, by everyone, in everything.

But, there question about ;emberantasan Flood No Respiration Area Because we lack of plants and trees causes lack of respiration are, so when it’s raining, there is no respiration, if the rain is getting harder, it may causes flood, which inflict great damages and loss everywhere and in every sector Too Many Rubbish Rubbish is one of the biggest problems in Jakarta. I don’t know why the people who do Corruption in the Government do Corruption.


See more of Globethics. The acts are different. The volume deals with: There isn’t justice in there.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Farmers prefer to leave their hometowns in order to work in the city due to a lack of government incentives tentnag the agricultural sector. That is against the fifth principle. Littering pemberantassn is a must, in order to prevent flood and unhealthy environment.

The next problem that sometime causes death is poverty because the poor people who cannot afford to buy some food are forced to starve to death, or maybe they couldn’t get medication for their sickness.

pembernatasan There are a lot of problems are happening here in Jakarta, like flood, poverty, etc. Jasrivai Nikson et al “Pembudayaan dan pemetaan kurikulum anti korupsi pada pendidikan tinggi hukum sebagai upaya preventif dalam pemberantasan tindak pidana korupsi”. This problem multiplies the concentrated impacts on the environment like pollution, environmental degradation, waste, and social problems that arise in big urban centers.

Destroying someone’s or some group’s honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity 6. Adapun beberapa calon yang saat ini santer beredar di masyarakat untuk menggantikan Prasetyo antara lain Jamintel Jan Maringka, dan Antasari Azhar. They didn’t want to improve the Indonesia.

English Assignment of Nurul Abidah. They have job in government so they got more chance to do corruption. There are ttentang enough spaces for the overflowing rubbish. Millions people of Jakarta and near Jakarta daily have a bad behavior to throw the garbage or Pee and Poo in the rivers.


essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

Kejaksaan pun dinilai sudah terjebak dalam perilaku kontradiksi dalam upaya pemberantasan korupsi. The Lutheran World Federation. They appear in nearly each and every sections of Jakarta. More if the flood came, the water seen in everywhere.

(DOC) Writing an Essay (Jakarta is an Overpopulated City | Aminah Febriyani –

August Corneles Tamawij-Karundeng “Pentingnya sumbangsih etika Kristen dalam menanggapi persoalan korupsi di Indonesia” 2.

Faktor lain merebaknya tindak pidana korupsi, menurut Suparji karena perilaku aparat kejaksaan yang kurang memahami atau tidak mencoba integritas secara konkrit. So less people will use private car. In the rain times, my central city Jakarta and the other places seems to have much water. Many factors which cause damages in all areas, these problems are high level of pollution which makes the environment dirty and spread out some dangerous diseases.

Because human is social creature that need the others to live and to fulfill the needs.

essay tentang pemberantasan korupsi

And be social and don’t be too selfish to just care about yourselves. Those things happened in the government too. What do you think? Tentxng from crime, some of them are depressed because they can’t have a job, they might steal from the other, and furthermore they would kill the person to get money if it is necessary.