We have chosen to focus only on the use cases that will be most used. Provide a single source of entry for employee information and have the data available real-time. This solution is slightly different than the solution given in Milestone 2 simply because later milestones provided more information. Subject to interpretation,this diagram is in third normal form, which is the bulk of the assignment for Milestone 5. During this milestone you will first construct a context diagram to establish project scope and boundaries.

Identify external and temporal business events for a system. None Need to verify which information should and should not be displayed. A building where employees work in various rooms. For example, we have encountered clients who have mentioned that they envisioned expected? An organizational unit within the company to category employees A geographic location where the company has a vested interest and conducts business in some fashion. Merge event diagrams into a system data flow diagram. Students shoud be able to identify at least the major entities below.

esss case study solutions milestone 2

Typical Course Of Events: Controls and guidelines for selecting and using controls in csreen design were coverd in the corresponding output,input and user interface design design chapters. Employyees unable to quickly locate other employees,company solutlons being sent to the wrong address and payroll checks unable to be delivered. It is important to ensure that students use the proper controls when designing their screens.

This is real life!

esss case study solutions milestone 2

Note that not everything in the transcript is related to the Context Diagram. In some cases students may not have been provided with the information they needed to complete all components of the matrix. A person who should be contacted concerning a particular employee in case of emergency A unique, sequentially-assigned identifier for an employee. Brief Statements of Problem, Opportunity, or Directive 1. The year for which a United Way contribution applies. P Data flow diagrams are tools that depict the flow of data through a system and the work or processing performed by that system.


Employees unable to quickly locate other employees, company mailings being sent to the wrong addresses, and payroll checks unable to be delivered.

The system should be accessible over the web and the secure. Another alternative is to start with this data model for Milestone but add addition requirements,such as the Milestone Advanced Option and require that students revise the data model accordingly. System updates data for pay rates or job title or supervisor. Users cannot get reports that they need in a timely fashion. It is possible they might have identified different ones and stated completely different values for each of the cells.

Case study ESSS milestone 05 data model normalization

We should try to identify causes rather than restating the problem. Whether or not they identify the optional entities will depend on how they esss the user requirements and on thheir experience level with datebase normalization. No tracking mechanisms exist to monitor employee contributions.

Check for proper UML notation of the input messages as well as for the logic of the diagram. Student answers may vary and can form the basis of a class discussion. The office phone number of an employee. The screen will include an option to return to the list of employees and an option to return to the return to the Step 7: Notice that the sample milesfone provided included several number 1 priorities.


esss case study solutions milestone 2

UnitedWayContribution requires a concatenated primary key because an employee will have a separate contribution record for each year. Non-functional Functional The system should provide a facility that makes it easy for employees to sign up the manager United Way deductions and other payroll deduction Functional from their desk.

Case Study ESSS

This use case describes the event of updating the Employee employee profile information. Logically group events to create an event decomposition diagram. Because the same employee directory shows two buliding with the same room numbers,Room must use Miestone and RoomBldgID as the primary key. Allow employees to maintain their own 2. For complaints, use another nilestone. Make sure students specify primary keys that uniquely identify the entities as well as use proper names for the keys.

The first name, middle name, last name, and nickname of an employee. New system must be secured to prevent unauthorized accessof employee data.