Any one able to help? Maybe dig these out just in case. The standards that are evidenced by that document Your input to the document, e. I am NOT a teacher and so should not be employed as one earning 75p an hour more than my previous post. How do the ethnic minority children know that you personally respect their background? I was led to believe the HLTA status would be career progression for me but instead I spend most of my time being a teacher. On the day of the assessment the assessor interviewed me first, then my Head of Faculty, then my mentor and then me again.

I had to take my original Maths and English certificates and a science qualification, plus my marriage certificate to prove I really was literate and numerate! Yes, my password is: I will dig mine out tomorrow and have a look for you. Your plan will provide great evidence for a number of standards. Well done – and what a lovely time of year to find out that you’ve passed.

HLTA – Portfolio of Evidence

The criteria to becoming an HLTA were: I’ve got my assessment next week – how did you all get on and does anyone have any other examples of questions that were or might be asked??? I was interviewed by a panel who asked why I sxamples to become an HLTA and then they asked me questions on my subject knowledge. Tasks 1 and 2: There is nothing to prepare for the first one. Also, please excuse examplew errors in the above post.


examples of hlta course work

Yes, I used two colours of highlighters on some policies and a key on the bottom. Talk your plan through with the class teacher. Or planning with the teacher?

Take a deep breath and don’t panic – it sounds as though you’re doing fine and you will get there. coursw

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My involvement in assessment and recording. What made them so good? Always try to find at least one way you would improve on the activity if repeating it two is even better!

They show evidence so easily also children’s work. Could also be used for other standards too.

Often these roles are tied to a particular discipline. Here are a few that I have picked out: I would love to read any suggestions or comments you would like wwork make.

examples of hlta course work

Try to cover a range of situations; it will help to show the breadth of your experience and capabilities. As part of her role, she runs drop-in workshops for candidates working towards HLTA status. That’s great to know that what I’m feeling is normal That’s what I’ve done with the policies Well done – and what a lovely time of year to find out that you’ve passed. Have a very merry Christmas as you celebrate in style!


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Have you had the opportunity to observe others. Organising Your documents Best Practice Network.

Just seems there is no real genuine support and the websites they advise you to look at are so user unfriendly it makes you wonder how anyone has obtained this qualification. Anonymous 28 May at You will also complete four shorter tasks and collect a portfolio of evidence to show how you meet the HLTA standards. It actually followed the GTP programme closely. If you used that one, photocopies of a child’s work, before and after your session – marked by you – would be evidence.

Skip to main content. I’ve put in numerous lesson plans wor, address a variety of standards Do you already have an account? I found out this week that I passed!! Anonymous 8 May at How do i progress learning. This contributor s article.