He was aware of the profound emotional and spiritual pain inflicted on Indigenous people. The emotion was high. A decade on, I hope we can reignite the spirit of the Apology to take these next big steps—to recommit to Close the Gap, and to respond positively to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Domestic violence is a crime occurring in full view, affecting thousands of people yet it provokes virtually no urgency in response. John Howard was in the audience. Nanna Fejo and her sister stood in the middle line, her older brother and cousin on her left. It was very hard for me to read out loud as I was so emotional.

As Michael said, the Apology was welcome but painful. It’s not enough that students simply know of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s sorry to these ‘generations’ of ‘stolen’ children no one can actually find. It was a great relief that all had gone smoothly and that the truth about what had been done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was now accepted. That is how the complex questions of post reformation theology were resolved in the Australian outback in the s. It’s a big weight off my shoulders This was a regular reminder that it was not inevitable that the Apology would take place, or that it would be on the first day of the Parliament. This black armband view of our past reflects a belief that most Australian history since has been little more than a disgraceful story of imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

kevin rudds sorry speech essay

The truth is the truth. But people did know. These stolen children recalled being told that their parents were dead or had given them away because their parents did not love them.


It was the first time Belgium recognised responsibility for the trauma it caused.

This motion for reconciliation had been jointly sponsored with Australian Democrat Senator Aden Ridgeway, a Gumbayynggir man from New South Wales who had just been elected into the Senate. The PM’s apology expresses my concern, empathy and desire that this will kebin some psychological and spiritual healing.

It was very hard for me to read out loud as I was so emotional.

There were many Aboriginal people who were very angry and upset, especially people in the Northern Territory, who argued the Commonwealth had a particular responsibility for those who were stolen as it had been under Commonwealth control at the time. Patrick Dodson—known then and now as the Father of Reconciliation—asked me to make sure that the hurt that had been caused was recognised.

10 things you should know about the National Apology

If my kids’ school does this, they’re staying home! Tony Abbott, as the new Liberal spokesperson on Indigenous Affairs, kept attempting to undermine our momentum:. I emphasised how much preparation was involved.

We had strangers standing over us. Michael organises an Apology anniversary breakfast each year in Sydney.

‘Sorry’ apology to Stolen Generations

During their meeting, Kevin and Nanna Fejo had a lovely laugh together as she told the origins of her religious upbringing. I have separated them into Indigenous and non-Indigenous so you can easily find trends and common thoughts. Involving the States was important and helped show that the Apology was bipartisan and widely supported. It’s difficult to know, given many records prior to the early 90s were destroyed or kept erratically, but in there were only 2, Indigenous kids in out-of-home care.

But which church would care for them? When you read or use these statistics be careful how you interpret them and remember:. Now I believe that the colour bar which I intuitively feel still operates and works against us, will start spsech fade away.


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The Apology would be in the form of a motion by the House kein Representatives. Stop feeling bad about not knowing. Wounds were reopened and there was a significant increase in the demand for Bringing Them Home counselling services. This was our first opportunity to put our Close the Gap targets on the table.

kevin rudds sorry speech essay

I fully welcome the apology to the Stolen Generation as a lot of essaj will now know what took place. Join more than 13, Smart Owls! Better off without the loving arms of mothers and fathers. He had sought assurances on the words that would be used that would help him support the Apology.

It had to be genuine and heartfelt as well.

Using phonetic features and emotive lexical choice, Rudd informs the audience of parliament and the indigenous communities of his intentions to equalise the opportunities for all Australians, regardless of their origin. A demonstration was organised for the day before the Apology. It also concluded that welfare officials failed in their duty to protect Indigenous wards from abuse. Jump to main navigation Jump to content Close this Wishing you knew more about Aboriginal culture? By contrast, State and Territory Parliaments were quick to act.