In the present study, we observed a significant decrease in the mean L-PK level of diabetic rats compared with normal untreated rats Figure 4. The DC group was characterized by a highly significant increase in its mean plasma glucose level and a highly significant decrease in its mean plasma insulin and L-PK levels as compared with the NC group Figures 2 , 3 , and 4. Indian Medicinal Plants; pp. Isolation and characterization of seed hydrocarbons from balanites aegyptiaca B. Hepatoprotective activity[ 94 — 96 ] Administration of the aqueous extract to biliary duct-ligated rats showed a dose-dependent significant decrease in serum bilirubin level. Diosgenyl saponins isolated from Balanites aegyptiaca Del. Chapagain BP, Wiesman Z.

Ann Trop Med Parasitol. It also had antimutagenic activity against Fasciola gigantica -induced mutagenicity besides anthelmintic activity against hepatic worms Schistosoma mansoni and Fasciola gigantica. The amount of Overall data collected through journals, Internet saponin is correlated with larval mortality. The study also showed that B. A reinvestigation of Balanites aegyptiaca as a source of steroidal sapogenins. Isolation and characterization of yamogenin from balanites aegyptiaca.

Flavonoids of Balanites aegyptiaca Balanitaceae from Egypt.

literature review on balanites aegyptiaca

The same was given to patients with aegyptiaca showed significant anti-inflammatory, leukemia and a good increase in platelets and a normal antinociceptive activity in the carrageenin-induced blood differential reading after one month was noted. Original Research Article A prespective review on a novel plant balanites aegyptiaca linn.

The sections were examined and photographed on microscope with DP72 camera and cell software Olympus, Aetyptiaca. It also reported that it sulphonate assay were used to estimate the total inhibit Escherichia coli growth in rats. It contains saponin, furanocoumarin, and flavonoid namely quercetin 3-glucoside, quercetinrutinoside; 3-glucoside, 3-rutinoside, diglucoside and 3-rhamnogalactoside of isorhamnetin.


The total phenolics and flavonoids were measured using Folin-Ciocalteu and AlCl 3 reagents, respectively. Antivenin activity The acetone and methanolic extracts of stem bark of plant has reported an antivenin activity liteature saw-scaled Echis carinatus viper venom concentration at lethal dose 0.

Del Saponin in the control of type 11 diabetes mellitus on rats and the growth of Escherichia coli. Egypt J Biochem Mole Biol.

The seed is used as a febrifuge. The seed oil is used to treat tumors and wounds. Determination of saponins in Journal.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike balanotes. Evaluation of oral therapy on mansomal schistosomiasis using single dose of Balanites aegyptiaca fruits and praziquantel. Physical, morphological and chemical characteristics, oil recovery and fatty acid composition of Balanites aegyptiaca Kernels.

Ground seeds are given to camels to cure impaction and colic.

Journal of Diabetes Research

Supplementation of Petroselinum sativum leaves aqueous extract to the diabetic rats resulted in a greater enhancement in their mean plasma TAC and MDA levels than Balanites aegyptiaca fruit aqueous extract. Footnotes Source of Support: Its main sources are fish and fish oil beside the plant sources including soybean oil, canola oil, walnut and flax seed.

A prespective review on a novel plant balanites aegyptiaca linn. Amelioration of impaired renal function associated with diabetes by Aeyyptiaca aegyptiaca fruits in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Determination of saponins in 4. In The aqueous and organic leaves extracts vitro anticancer activities are due to partly depletion of of Balanites aegyptiaca and Moringa oleifera were [ATP]i, leading in turn to major disorganization of actin reported to have antibacterial effect against Salmonella and it does not induce an increase in intracellular typhi isolated from blood clot culture using the disc reactive oxygen species.


Hardman R, Sofowora EA. In Korea, pumpkins have been used traditionally to relieve edema during pregnancy and after delivery.

literature review on balanites aegyptiaca

Alkaloids from International Journal of Green Pharmacy. Antiviral activity It is reported that bark aqueous extract of B. Pumpkin seed oil has been found to alleviate diabetes by promoting hypoglucemic activity Fu et al.

Preliminary balanitin-1 for example possesses a yamogenin phytochemical screening showed that plant extracts aglycone with a branched glucose and rhamnose side contain saponins, tannins, and phenols, and Balanites chain.

Studies on Balanites aegyptiaca fruits: In Egypt, a study on pumpkin Cucurbita moschota showed that fruit has many nutritional components including pumpkin polysaccharides, active proteins, essential amino acid s, carotenoids and minerals Fokou et al. Revifw various extract mesocarps of fruits viz.

Effect of methanolic extract of Balanites aegyptiaca fruits on enteral and parenteral stages of Trichinella spiralis in rats. Bal6;7 displayed higher antiproliferative activity extract as an anthelmintic activity against than etoposide and oxaliplatin, markedly less active Paramphistomum cervi.