The Treat of Rebellion: Alex de Waal, author of Darfur and Advocacy in Conflict. African Affairs Publication Date: Through the case of armed conservation, I show that worlding requires camouflage, a hunting skill that entails learning about your surroundings and orienting yourself so you do not stick out. The dissertation then shows how CAR’s recent cycle of rebellion has changed governance in rural areas. Through participant observation, interviews, and archival analysis, this research tracks the multiple forms of governance that operate in this borderland area and their implications for conceptions of sovereignty, the state, and international law. By continuing to use our site you give us permission to deploy cookies per our privacy and cookies policy.

State of Slum Paul Stacey. To what extent, however, are the exigencies of worlding from Africa determined by urbanity? If lucky and well connected, they hitch a ride on the NGO vehicles that have come to the area since armed rebellions began in , or with notables, like capital-based officials who infrequently come to the zone on mission. Lombard, Louisa Nicolaysen, Duke U. Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib. Edited by Tatiana Carayannis and Louisa Lombard.

Making Sense of the Central African Republic

In contrast to those analyses that see the fundamental relationship between il legalization and disorder as a function of neoliberal economic interests Comaroff and ComaroffI argue that roadblock encounters are unpredictable and give rise to hybrid forms of governance in which state forms are invoked to.

The raiders seize resources but also govern. Instead, people pay for rides atop the wares carried by the transport trucks that infrequently deliver goods like sugar and jerrycans. Skip to main content. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Black British History Hakim Adi. Tatiana Carayannis and Louisa Lombard have assembled the scholars and analysts who know most about this important but under-researched country, and have produced the authoritative volume on its history, society and politics.


Lombard, Louisa Nicolaysen, Duke U. The findings of this research will also contribute to interdisciplinary debates about conflict and its prevention.

louisa lombard dissertation

Making Sense of CAR: Skip to main content. In contrast, I focus on threats, specifically threats made in conjunction with rebellion in the Email Location 10 Sachem St. JavaScript lokbard disabled for your browser. The dissertation also probes the politics of militarized conservation: Theories of the state tend to sideline raiders’ roles, and the categories used by international agencies do not address them either. From Being Forgotten to Being Ignored: Though ostensibly fought to protect CAR’s “national patrimony” its animals and plantsthis war bolsters the sovereign capabilities of a range of non-state actors and has resulted in hundreds of deaths in the last few years, many of them hidden in the bush.

Making Sense of the Central African Republic, Carayannis, Lombard

It compares roadblocks and “road cutting” robbery to show how they stop traffic and create flexible, personalized entitlements to profit for those who operate them. Raiding Sovereignty in Central African Borderlands. Today, raiding in CAR ties into global trade networks, and bumps up against, though also feeds off, transnational conflict prevention and humanitarian regimes.

louisa lombard dissertation

These repeated external raids have shaped internal power and knowledge formations throughout CAR’s history. The dynamics of this zone, much of it a place anthropologists used to refer to as “stateless,” suggest a re-thinking of the modalities of sovereignty.


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In these conversations, people tried to make sense of the ways that roadblocks, on their face a symbol of state control, gave rise to an increasing experience of disorder. Over the past 30 years, roadblocks have become widespread in this area of extremely minimal state institutional presence; they are one symptom of broader processes lo,bard militarization.

Twitter Tweets by ChicagoDistrib. Journalists seeking to explain the fighting have described it as a conflict lomgard Christians and Muslims. The article focuses on the prevalence of popular punishment and vengeance, which have long histories as elements of statecraft in the CAR and have become even more widespread amid the generalized insecurity and anomie that have set in over the past few decades.

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In so doing they imply. Over the past 30 years, roadblocks have become widespread in this area of extremely minimal state institutional presence; they Journal of Contemporary African Studies.

Help Center Find dissertxtion research papers in: To what extent, however, are the exigencies of worlding from Africa determined by urbanity? The dissertation develops this framework through analysis of three categories of men-in-arms — road-blockers, anti-poaching militiamen, and members disswrtation rebel groups — and their relationships with international peacebuilding initiatives.

louisa lombard dissertation

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