So what up with that!? It is meant to be your own work, and you will sign a statement of honesty verifying this. First and Last Name. Students will get stipends to help them pursue opportunities they otherwise might not be able to for 4 summers, starting from the summer before their freshman year. First and Last Name. The application to join the Morehead-Cain Class of is closed. Can my parents and teachers help with my essays?

Then I met with my college advisor, and the looks of me getting into UNC were even more slim. What should you do as a high school student over the summer? You value what is gained—collaboration, sportsmanship, discipline, stamina, and persistence—by preparing for and engaging in competitions and performances. Did I mention that that had nothing to do with the general application? Students from North Carolina will be able to update their nomination status once they have been notified by their counselor whether they are a school nominee. Day in and day out, I worked on this thing. I even put it behind Duke.

We generally recommend that your college counselor write your letter, but we understand that there are cases in which a teacher or administrator is a better choice.

Don’t have an account? So I threw it maybe at 4 or 5 out of 7. But that could be WAYY down the line. To find your notification date, visit the prospective scholars page and review your timeline.


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Skip to content Common Questions Applying for the Morehead-Cain is a journey, and you’re likely to encounter questions along the way. The application to join the Morehead-Cain Class of is closed. You are totally welcome to write about the same topic or activity in multiple essays, but make sure your application sufficiently covers everything that is important to you. This depends on where you attend school. Semi-finalists will be interviewed either in-person or morrehead depending on your location.

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morehead cain application essay

The people who read your Morehead-Cain essays will not read your UNC admissions essays, so you are welcome to multi-purpose your essays if you feel they fit prompts on both applications. The Discovery Fund for Morehead-Cain Scholars launched in to give scholars the chance to say yes to opportunities that can help them accelerate their life experience and increase their self-awareness.

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For example, I would have appliation explain why coaching soccer was important to me in characters. Another thing, they measured the length in characters. First and Last Name.

morehead cain application essay

But only you can know and articulate your internal motivations and values. Channyliz, and that was about a week before it was due.

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Each grant application is reviewed case-by-base and are available for workshops, conferences, research and more. I applied to the Morehead-Cain. Spend your summer break wisely, meaning find a good balance between enjoying your time off They wanted me to cut the bull-shit and get to what mattered.


Our most competitive applicants engage in a variety of activities during their high school years, and we want to know about all of it.

We trust that all parts of your application will be completed with integrity. Browse Successful Application Files. Posted by walkowskee in Application on October 7, Please leave this field empty. Categories Application Random Uncategorized. Candidates will meet each other, scholar peers, and be interviewed in small groups. As you can see, the answered varied in size. You have demonstrated a sustained commitment to fitness and wellness.

Can I write about the same topic or activity in multiple essays? Because of this, I started to refer to everything in relation to tweets. You live for opportunities to learn. We believe you know yourself and can describe yourself best!

morehead cain application essay

It would have been a bit easier if it was a typical essay-style application, but seeing as though it IS Morehead-Cain, the hardest scholarship for the hardest school, it was everything but typical.