Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The president must decide whether to reduce the number of models, build a lower-cost factory outside Japan, or exit the business. Carol Prahinski Product Number: The Memory Products’ general manager, has asked the process control engineer, to investigate the possibilities. The case is suitable for use in an operations class to introduce or apply basic concepts in operations strategy or to discuss operations capability and strategy with executives. With the help of Trimco, Navistar can create a workbook for inspection procedures for incoming kits and Trimco will have a procedure to follow for kits going outbound. InGeneral Motors committed to engineering half of its manufacturing plants to be landfill-free.

The note is intended to address the questions of how much to order the lot size issue and when to order the reorder point issue. If the Mexican opportunity is pursued, decisions are also required regarding the entry mode subcontracting, shelter operator or wholly-owned subsidiary and location border or interior. An Extend simulation file, product 7A96D, is available for this case. Using the accompanying Extend run-time model product 7B00D , data file and structured assignment, students can explore changes in staffing assignments, donor registration and donor-bed configurations. The changes were proposed to avoid product environmental concerns and to provide savings in raw materials and personnel costs.

This exercise provides a basic introduction to applying project planning techniques and associated calculations, and fase be used in conjunction with computer project planning software. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The vice-president of Global Operations is pondering whether the timing and environment is conducive for Acer, based in Taiwan, to commence full-scale manufacturing operations in the Chinese mainland.

navistar case study ivey

This opportunity promised to offer cost savings to both Unicon and this customer, although questions remain about the broader implications for Unicon’s manufacturing operations and other customers. Prepared By Thomas K.


navistar case study ivey

Recommend best- selling configuration Got the selling data Accurate navsitar detailed Inaccurate and non-detailed 2. Other business basics include: First, identify opportunities to improve depot operations. Details for the previous year’s planning process, staffing levels, production outputs and costs are reviewed by the owner, with the objective of improving the management of materials in the year ahead.

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Capacity Planning and Facility Location. This case provides an opportunity for students to analyse a rapid-response supply chain and make recommendations for improvements. Ultimately, the use of linear programming to construct aggregate plans will be introduced.

Caterpillar was expected to authorize test runs of two new products soon; however, the annual production volumes were very uncertain. His focus was very widespread and his day cas drawn away from scheduled and unscheduled meetings; this position required long csae and weekend work.

Navistar considered quality and on-time delivery as a priority studj came before costs; therefore, various improvement initiatives to quality programs were supported by top management as well iveey initiatives to improve processes and on-time delivery.

The president must decide whether to reduce the number of models, build a lower-cost factory outside Japan, or exit the business. The environmental coordinator must assess the competitive implications of different alternatives, design the program, decide which materials will be recycled, identify who will be involved in implementation, and take into account the iey of different stakeholder groups.

Statistical Analysis; Quality Control Difficulty: Navistar was a worldwide leader in the manufacturing medium and heavy trucks for 17 consecutive years in the North America market. The trim was placed into the cab than the cab placed onto the chassis.

Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. In light of these problems, the logistics iveg must decide how to respond to a proposal that longer production runs be scheduled. Students are asked to examine the criteria on which Acer should base their decision to manufacture overseas, and in so doing, create the framework for a corporation’s global manufacturing strategy.


As naivstar assembly supervisor in Chatham, Andy Ramsz encountered the interior trim quality and delivery problem for the truck.

Also, monitoring the Tricmo to see if they are using the forecast to meet production levels should be assessed monthly. How about make it original? Navistar had design changes such as different sizes, repositioning of mechanisms and other various designer and material changes; however, these changes to the truck interiors were not communicated to Trimco before production runs were completed.

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As an avid proponent of the Toyota production system, just in time manufacturing JITISOand continuous improvement, he has reduced setup times, batch sizes, and throughput times. How about receiving a customized one? The staff should be tested during the first month to see that they are comfortable and understand all the requirements for Navistar.

Although Xerox and Progistix had been satisfied with their relationship, after five years, both parties were interested in exploring ways to improve the network, particularly as competitors adopted similar approaches.

Navistar Supply Management Essay

cae Health Care Services Issues: Customers are able to select from customized units which represented percent of production volumes. Navistar — supply chain division restructuring on a strategic level b.

Data provided in the case allow students to develop implementation plans and set specific performance targets.