In addition, UAB has several core laboratories including the fermentation facility, NMR center, and mass-spectrometry laboratory. If functional antibody levels are not detected, different protocols for vaccine synthesis or IP administration will be used. Introduction We are truly indebted to the grantee who allowed us to post this outstanding F31 sample application to help the next generation of investigators write applications. Other research-related activities I have done since joining the lab includes the presentation of my qualification examination. Lastly, I strive to become a good teacher and mentor while managing my research. Later, I then spent a year in the lab of Dr. Alternatively, MNZ will be passaged in sequentially higher concentrations of streptomycin to isolate a streptomycin-resistant 11A strain by artificial selection.

I always love hearing your feedback and stories! Maybe more clear than Picasso did. That is how long prior to the deadline you should start the process. Preimmunized mice will also be analyzed for protection from infection using the protocols mentioned above. These computers are connected to internet and files can be shared electronically with co-investigators via internet and departmental servers. Especially susceptible populations include infant, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. Every different type of research and project should be presented and formatted in a different way that makes logical sense.

Make your own and make persnoal it conforms to the starement and text limitations. A smaller number is better here as it shows more attention will go to your training. Mice are infected with pathogenic bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniaewhich probably causes discomfort, but no real pain as such.

In some cases, protective antibody will be given passively. Timeline for psrsonal F31 application Start early. If you met those requirements then I would recommend applying for this application either as a second or third-year graduate student.


Role of pneumococcal surface protein C in nasopharyngeal carriage and pneumonia and its ability to elicit protection against carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Clinical isolates originally serotyped as 11A will be readdressed for the expression of 11E capsule using serospecific monoclonal antibodies.

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I recommend using specific examples of their expertise in mentoring. Since no corresponding assay exists for 11E specific antibodies, antiE concentrations will be determined as binding signal relative to11A. Human sera at optimal dilutions according to Aim 2c will be absorbed with peraonal concentrations of purified PS, and we will detect for decreases in killing.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham UAB has a strong and ongoing commitment to the responsible conduct of research. To test the growth of 11A and 11E in an exclusively antiA environment in vivo, we will employ passive immunization with murine mAb prior to co-infection with 11Astr and 11Ekan. Scholastic Performance [Redacted from wtatement sample. It also suggests a barrier to host-to-host spread of these strains. A successful method to distinguish the two serotypes will aid in studies outlined below.

MSTP 2 formal courses: If you are collaborating with another lab make sure to get a list of their resources and list it under their lab name. He has passed his qualifying his exam and received the Microbiology Department’s award for the most outstanding qualifying examination. Nahm, is an accomplished expert in the field. The role of Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence factors in host respiratory colonization and disease. In one year in graduate school, they have passed nrsq qualifying exam and seem extremely motivated.


These two sections were 9 pages for me.

My first research experience was in a summer undergraduate research program fellowship during my junior year of undergraduate study. Different lectures are given persohal a variety of faculty. Using a mAb assay, we identified two subtypes within strains typed as 11A according to classical Quellung methods 8, 9.

We will compare bacteria isolated from two groups of mice infected only with 11Astr, a control group and a passively immunized group.

Serum from blood samples will be analyzed for pneumococcal antibody levels determined by Statfment and capacity to opsonize pneumococci determined by opsonophagocytic killing assay. Source is not described and justification for exemption is not provided.

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The rest is personal. Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research: It may be harder to explain this or spin this if you are at a smaller university away from other resources.

nrsa personal statement

In particular aim 3 Aims 2 and 3 do not have preliminary data. To verify our hypothesis, it must be shown that an initial 11A infection can result in an 11E disease isolate in vivo under the selective pressure of an 11Aspecific response. Understanding how Streptococcus pneumonia serotypes escape an immune response is important for the design of interventional and preventative strategies against this significant human pathogen. This method does not readily detect subpopulations within a culture.