Kindergarten Reading Benchmark Push Daily reading is important and we encourage you to continue to read with your child each day. It is fully computerised and the children are encouraged to use the computers to search for reference material as well as for borrowing and returning of books. The library is open from 8: Dance Dance is a specialised subject that is taught by tutors from DanceFever. The average is 18 days.

Parents and Friends Association. An online training module for use by volunteers is now available. New children will be allocated a sports house early in the school year. It enhances the classroom program and enables children to quickly ‘catch up’ to the average level of their class. It is necessary to complete a medical form for any child requiring medication to be administered at school. English is one of the seven Key Learning Areas in the school curriculum K

The school is fully networked using both cable and wireless technology. Jesus, we love you, this is true. Throughout the year other correspondence will be sent home as needed. Creating and maintaining a safe environment is of prime importance to the community of OLQP Primary school. This includes jumpers, jackets, ties, hats, bags, lunch containers and anything else that can be mislaid. Any nits more than two centimetres from the scalp are also dead.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Greystanes | Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta – School Notes

We encourage the living out of our school motto, Veritas, or truth, in all aspects of life. Students from Kindergarten, Year 1, 3 and 5 take part in the program as part of a staged approach — ie, all students learn this subject over a two-year period.

This education enables children to: The family doctor should be consulted. Dropping Off and Collecting Children. The parish sets the timetable for the three Sacramental Programs each year and invites each family to respond to the programs offered on behalf of each child.


All hot food lunch orders will only be accepted via the QKr app, all other lunch orders can be made on the day, only toasted sandwiches available. All Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 children are eligible for a free bus pass to travel to and from school each day. In cases of hardship, families may receive a reduction of fees if their financial difficulties can be supported by the appropriate documentation.

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Self-discipline is to be promoted; if children misbehave they need to be able to ‘make-up’ for their misbehaviour. It is the general rule of the school that students do not bring mobile phones to school.

Literacy Support Literacy Support is an effective intervention programme designed to support children from Kindergarten to Year Six who need greater assistance in order to develop the appropriate literacy skills for their stage.

Lots and lots of family conversation – story telling, jokes, discussions about books read, etc Shared bedtime stories with mum or dad reading to the child or the child reading to parents Quiet reading in bed before lights out Family games, activities and hobbies Regular visits to the local library Selective viewing of TV shows and discussion of these Outings to all kinds of places of social, historic and natural interest and The kinds of imaginative play that comes naturally to children of all ages.

It enhances the classroom program and enables children to quickly ‘catch up’ to the average level of their class. Listed below is a list of opportunities we offer our students. If treatment has been given properly, any nits will be dead. Children may use the Library during lunch times as an alternative activity area to the playground: We hope that all who come to Our Lady Queen of Peace School see Christ reflected in the people, structures and programs of our school.


Key Learning Areas

Instrumental lessons are offered to our students each Monday, including saxophone, guitar, flute and clarinet. OLQP supports local football, netball and soccer clubs. Eggs of lice usually hatch in a week and reach maturity in approx. The first swab should be taken not less than 24 hours after the child has finished taking antibiotics.

Our Lady Queen of Peace School

Parish Before and After School Centre I would ask that parents who pick up their children in the afternoon, move directly to the exit and not wait in the Area C playground. If, for a particular reason, this is deemed necessary, a letter must be sent to the Principal outlining the need. Ranges from 6 months to 5 years. Drama In Drama, achool will develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in making, performing and appreciating by engaging in role, dramatic contexts, elements and forms.

olqp school homework

The essential goal of Religious Education in a Catholic school is to encourage and assist children in their growth to Christian maturity. Medication should be sent to school in the correct dosage and handed in at the office immediately upon arriving at school. All these centres collect children from the school homeworl and escort them to their respective care places.

olqp school homework