Retrieved 24 October Lola Nidora has planned the deception of the wedding and dying in order to get the ranson money from Frankie. During the prenup, a crying Yaya Dub and a despondent Alden manage to kiss despite being prevented by Lola Nidora. Alamat Ng Hugot Lines – Facebook”. Jimmy appears and Lola Nidora uses the discarded bouquet as props as she waves to Jimmy.

The june palm represents water. For the second round, the contestants will do an acting challenge, wherein each contestant will be given a certain scenario, with the contestants and certain EB Dabarkads taking their assigned roles and will do an acting scene according to the given scenario. This page was last edited on 11 January , at In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries. Now that the prophecy is drawing near, Yaya Dub admits that she had a fearful dream the previous night that an old woman was looking at her and invited Yaya to an old house. However, it turns out that Alden’s “date” is a picture of Yaya Dub plus the glass slippers she has left behind at Broadway. Retrieved 1 December

Problem solving eat bulaga june 23

During its seven-year hiatus, classic episodes of its old Lenten specials were aired instead. Lola Nidora’s mysterious caller is revealed to be Frankie Arenolia rich man of mixed ethnicity Filipino-Chinese-Italian.

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Although her restrictions are being lifted for the upcoming event, Nidora reminds Yaya Dub that she must be conservative in accordance to being a proper Filipina and observe the traditional customs of Filipino courtship. Bird beats water by drinking it ; stone beats bird by hitting it ; and stone loses to water eat it sinks in it. When Alden appears, Duh upstages Yaya Dub by doing the “pabebe tongue” sticking out the tip of her tongue at one corner of the mouth.


First time Gasgas Abelgas appears. Yaya Dub and Iune have a tiff in this episode. Even though the Lolas are still missing Divina, they are relieved because eeat know that she will be safe. Retrieved 18 November Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her. Nidora is also upset that her head mead Rihanna is soon leaving her employment.

Lola Is Really Really Iune Ang Mapait na Nakaraan – Facebook”. In a longer version of the problem, a four-line song is sung, with hand gestures displayed at bulaga end of each or the final line: Retrieved 8 March Alden asks Nidora where Yaya Dub is, and what happened with the call she received from Yaya.

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Rihanna has just met a British foreigner named Harry, whom she chats with and plans to marry. Isadora writes that she has been waiting for a long time to meet her daughter Divina and is very excited.

problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Retrieved 1 September A frantic Lola Nidora continues to look for Yaya Dub but still has no news of her whereabouts. Retrieved solvng April Lola Tidora then reveals the secret: Retrieved 22015 July Starting July 30,GMA Network and Eat Bulaga twitter websites began to use problen to pool discussion and news about each episode. After her performance, Yaya Dub starts to look for Alden. The EB Team congratulate Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Alden who is not present for receiving the Catholic Social Media Awards last night for promoting proper social and moral values and also for being inspirational role models for the youth.


Title card since She was 32 to tell the name of this long-lost sister when the episode ends with the revelation that the Lolas are triplets. Countdown to Tamang Panahon”, where she intends to mark every challenge that Alden successfully completes.

Isadora used to be rebellious and have bad temper tantrums. Isadora learned that she was adopted by the Zobeyalas after their former stewardess became pregnant.

Problem solving eat bulaga june 23 2015

Lola Tidora hurriedly returns from Massachusetts after she finds out what’s happening to her family. Retrieved 16 May Vic Sotto confessed that he accepted the offer and would immediately stop, once he had enough money to buy a personal vehicle. bulava

Alden and Yaya appear to be enjoying their time together. Barangay since Alden appears on the split-screen.