These employees can be managers , executives, or employees with specialized knowledge. Home L1 Visa Business Plan. If the petitioner does not manage staff and does not possess specialized knowledge, then it is critically important to show that their function is mostly autonomous with a major impact on the business. Some of the information that is included in your detailed page business plan from JDC Consultancy includes:. There are a host of L1 visa business plan sample sites on the web, but only one place to find competent business plan writers, and that is at Immigration Business Plan. Understand the Market Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market. It should be easily apparent that the foreign company has looked into the opportunity and need to open an office in the United States.

Here is a quick list of the required documentation for your business plan: Each successful business keeps close tabs on their competitors, and you should too. Our experience and expertise makes us the first choice for L1 visa applications. Organize Necessary Documents Step one to any immigration filing process is to identify which documents are required and to organize them in an easy-to-access way. Some of the information that is included in your detailed page business plan from JDC Consultancy includes:. A majority of this information is applicable to all L1s, but important distinctions will be made for the L1A and L1B where appropriate. Unlike a business plan for an E2 visa, an L1 business plan does not need to present a lot of details on the investment and ownership of the company.

This could include potential domestic market demand for a product or service that the foreign company provides, or it could be to leverage American talent or better manage domestic contractor relations to support a greater need in the foreign market.

Obtaining a visa is often a ubsiness process that requires applicants to adhere to strict requirements. Not knowing the actual location may be a red flag.

L1 Visa Business Plan

The idea behind the business plan is to get it right the first time. It will also help you to source the different forms of evidence you may need to offer up, along with the completed business plan.


This is a chance to really show how the knowledge is specialized and cannot be easily replicated or replaced. At the end of the day, the immigration officer needs to be relatively certain that your business and proposed growth will be a valuable asset to both the U. Alternatively, you can simply hand over all the information and let them get started. If you are running a successful business, particularly one that you have built yourself, there is a good chance that you like to try and do things for yourself.

A sample document could also highlight areas where you may experience difficulties over the course of the application, and give you time to rectify these before you hand in your documentation.

This means that an L1 visa holder and their dependents may apply for permanent residency without jeopardizing their L visa status.

You must prove that your company will be able to enter the U. This is one major reason why you want the business plan written in a way that strongly supports your L1 visa.

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After all, moving to a new country is hard enough. Essentially, what USCIS is looking for is executive control over major decisions for the domestic operations or extensive managerial duties over people or contracts with little or no oversight from others. Understand the Market Or rather, have the immigration officer understand the market.

sample business plan for l1a visa

The role of the L1 petitioner should be covered, including managerial responsibilities or application of specialized knowledge, along with the objective of the domestic office and its relation to the mission of the company. Our L1 lawyers here at SGM Law Group have extensive experience working with multi-national companies and their employees alike to help them develop the business plans that are crucial to L1 visa approval.

However, an online guide should not be a substitute for qualified legal counsel. The similarity with H1 and E2 visas with the xample of those associated limitations also makes it at risk for abuse. For example, if you have a web marketing business, then it would be important to highlight some of the specifics that go into this business such as content creation, analytics, and research.


Consider it a bonus. It should show the foreign company or office is related to the domestic company or office.

sample business plan for l1a visa

This is arguably one of the most vital sections of an L1 visa business plan. Once this is determined, JDC Consultancy can work with you and your lawyer to ensure that all the critical support paperwork, such forr your L1 Visa Business Plan, is submitted together with the rest of your documentation.

L1 Visa Business Plan Sample – Immigration Business Plan

Immigration Business Plan, click here. Specializing in working tor you to ensure you understand every stage of the process and liaising with your immigration attorney to ensure that your paperwork is perfectly prepared, JDC Consultancy strives to smooth the transition towards your U. L1 visa busimess plan sample documents are most likely not enough support to get your visa application through successfully. In the case of an L1 visa petition — it is the immigration adjudicator that needs to review, assess, approve, deny, or request more evidence if it is not present.

It is for this reason that there is no hard set planned personnel requirements for L1A. Although the Executive Summary does not go into great tactical detail, it is an important strategic statement for the intentions of the business and the critical role of the petitioner.

Some of the information that is included in your detailed page business plan from JDC Consultancy includes:.

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Using our sampl example again — the business location should have adequate assembly, storage, and shipping space for the construction and delivery of physical goods. Your spouse will be granted an L-2 visa, allowing them to work for any company in the United States.

Because of that, having an L1 business plan is invaluable and often necessary to gain approval.