I would rather not say more until I have more to go on, of course. And the Principal is also very invested and involved with the kids. Guide your children toward the schools you think might be best and then let them make the choice. Because it’s a small school, the teachers seem to be able to create classes based on what the students are interested in. If a parent inquires about their child’s progress, the feedback from the teacher is quick, and teachers appear to know your child.

Make an appointment to talk with the head of school. The school is wonderful. My daughter worked hard and was prepared when she got to college but, honestly, I couldn’t wait until she got out of the whole Beacon scene and nor could she. The math and science are ridiculously difficult for high school students who aren’t inclined to do well in math and science. I think that Bard is a very good school for the right type of kid those who are very mature, independent, academically competitive, and don’t mind spending all of their time studying. Known for great Math and Science programs, the Humanities are just as strong and engaging. Did your child use the school’s college office?

We are just starting to deal with styyvesant office so I’m not sure. NYCi has a college councelor dedicated to meeting with the students and parents to help with the process. All talking aside, get through the first story and a half, and the magnet starts working, i’m half-way through the book, can’t stop.

Location – Bronx, NY Is this the school your child attends now? Both classes she did well in as she says she liked the teachers and they were motivating but that they did not live up to the skills of the other great teachers she has been blessed with.


stuyvesant summer homework 2013

stuyvedant This can be frustrating of your child wants a particular elective. She’s happy with all the classes she has right now latin, physics, world history, literature, algebra. However, it is very challenging, and as other have said, she got her first C’s at Bard and not for lack of effort. But that aside “Microbe Hunters” is one of those books with that don’t wummer grab your attention the first time you read it, it’s not like those cute puppies in the pet shop, they’re more of those angry drooling mutts with really serious faces, but if you read on, befriend this mutt, you can tame it.

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Did your child use the school’s college office? The teachers are dedicated and mostly have PhDs. Pretty good, although electives fill up quickly due to the number of students in the school.

The classes are small. My child is only in ninth grade, but there is a lot of help with college counseling and they begin preparing the children and parents for the transition to college in ninth grade.

There are quite a few superb teachers at Bay Ridge Prep. Answer Questions How to aviod useing the restroom during school? Our child is a junior. Conferences with teachers are short but they really seem to know my son and I am sure they would be available for a longer conference if it was needed.

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Teachers all respond immediately by email if there are questions or concerns. Just started our first year Please write a review of your experience: Very clean sunny cute school, safe. They have scholarship information, knowledge of special programs and will sum,er with parents when requested.


stuyvesant summer homework 2013

I can comment further when the process is over, although so far, I feel they are on track. She was warned by her middle school guidance counselor that Bard was very difficult, but we didn’t realize just how difficult it would be. Highly recommend What is the ONE piece of advice you would give people: Talk with other parents stuyvsant their experiences with the school.

They seem to be handling it well but they are in desperate need of the new building which they will be moving into in 2 years. Overall, I think the school is great.

The classes are quite challenging and move very quickly. Bard is definitely not for every kid. The teachers of the advanced courses quite understandably don’t care if your child was at rehearsal until 9 PM the previous night. This is the turning point from parent-directed to student-directed; but having said that, they need guidance. This has been across the board for two years now.

At least, that was what I thought I heard. Name of School – Bard -Manhattan Is this the school your child attends now?

My son spends hours a night and about 6 hours on weekends.