Why we should expect to have a multi-billion dollar company out of Bucharest November 16, Back in , they attended the second edition of The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam in order to connect with relevant people and gather feedback for their idea. We were looking at vanity metrics and interpreted them as product metrics. Their problem, however, was a high churn rate. We pitched our product there and we won. However, when raising money you have to consider this option as well. The roles we had during the interviews were reversed:

That is, social media statistics. They went to London without having a registered company and they incorporated afterwards, donating to the newly founded company the work previously done. Learn more in our full post on YouTube statistics. Follow growth by looking at quality and usefulness. In our opinion, the issue with the visual perception was that the system looked like a website and not as a real application. Ubervu helps you follow, analyze, and connect with your customers and fans. They realized that uberVU is no longer a small company and they have to change the way they were operating in order to scale and build a successful global business.

Startup Case Study: uberVU – from idea to exit & beyond – How to Web

However, when raising money you have to consider this option as well. We’ll offer a more comprehensive case study about this. When we exited we were no longer the kids from and, looking back now, we lost the first two years building spaceships and, by chance, somebody actually needed them in the market we did not know who these users were.

The story of uberVU is an insightful case study for early stage startup founders, and we are happy to share with you the key take-aways of the discussion.


ubervu case study

Christina Newberry is an award-winning writer and editor whose greatest passions include food, travel, urban gardening, and the Oxford comma—not necessarily in that order. Being in London was an interesting experience, but we did not really casse what was happening with us. These are the most used emojis on Twitter the past year: This is how we got to the version of creating sort of a search engine for social media: Knowing the facts helps you understand which networks are a fit for your business, so you can make the most of your social marketing plan and budget.



This is because most VC funds invest in companies where they are familiar with the legislation the reasons are not tax-related, but investment related — legislation in countries such as UK or the Netherlands provide all the required details for the entire process to go on smoothly.

Put these stats to good use by using Hootsuite to help you schedule and manage your latest social media strategies. There are no other problems than this: After the acquisition, Vladimir remained with the company as Director of Product, in charge with all Analytics products. We started looking in our users database and talk with them: The first uberVU version was a product where the users introduced specific URLs and uberVU created a content collection that was later on actively monitored and shared.

ubervu case study

Finding the right person to fill this position was challenging for the 3 Romanian Co-Founders. A business is a business: Learn more in our full posts on Instagram statistics and Instagram demographics. In the beginning, their team only comprised the 3 Co-Founders.

One year later, they were 9 people working full-time on uberVU. Follow growth by looking at quality and usefulness. However, their vision changed after pitching in front of people in the MTV marketing department while at Seedcamp.


As they kept working on the product, they realized that its technical part was more complicated than they accounted for. What you have to do is to solve a clear problem for a clearly defined market!

Learn more in our full posts on Twitter statistics and Twitter demographics. When the guys from Seedcamp called us, we studh to go to London.

Also taking advantage of new features that were integrated after the launch, we decided to have a fresh approach and build a second interface. Though as a short explanation, after we finished, launched and tested the initial application, we looked on how it performed and realized that things could be improved.

uberVU via HootSuite

In our opinion, the issue with ubercu visual perception was that the system looked like a website and not as a real application. Said and done, they closed the transaction in January and Vladimir remained within the company as Director of Product. Passionate about tech products, they started considering their options to develop their own product.

Looking back now, our strategy failed miserably: The first was too expensive for us, so we went for the latter, also considering the SaaS startup culture there.

His positive feedback motivated them to go forward. Building a rockstar team In the beginning, their team only comprised the 3 Co-Founders.