Regular Drop-in Hours See an instructor for 20 minutes. If you start daydreaming, mark the item that got you off task and move on, coming back to that item later. Balance your argument with examples to demonstrate your understanding of the material. The personal statement is a key element of your applications for graduate or professional school, scholarships and study abroad programs. If you have been up studying all night you are not at your best and may even fall asleep, using up precious test-writing time.

Leave more time for the parts that require more effort or that make up more of your total score. All tutorials are booked through the UTSC intranet. We help all UTSC students: Most instructors try to clarify questions if they can do so without giving away the answer. Online Writing Resources Handouts to help you with every aspect of the writing process.

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Step 4 By Tue Mar 24, Internet access Speakers Projector. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work on this land.

If the test includes different types of questions, begin with the type you do best on to build your confidence. For a more in-depth look at various strategies, you may benefit from looking at some of the books listed at the end of this tipsheet. Sometimes special instructions are given at the start of the test, and if you arrive a couple of minutes late, you may miss those important instructions.


It is equally important that you eat balanced, nourishing meals. Practice the presentation until you are satisfied.

The first time that you read the instructions you may not be concentrating fully on the task. This section gives a brief overview of strategies that can be used for various calculato formats. Monitor mistakes that you are likely to make.

Assignment Calculator

May 29 – 9: Your’re in the home stretch. Create your first draft and test it By now, you should have the rough draft ready for practice. By this point, your current draft should meet time limitations and only need polishing.

Strike out the wrong answers. Your time should be spent making certain you know the content and are prepared to present well.

The second read through will allow you to pick up on anything that you may have missed the first time. If you can think of exceptions to the statement, then the statement is probably false.

Instructors generally try to make the order of true-false answers random. Identify a person or group who can watch you practice the presentation. See if the answer comes to you.


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essayy Honour exceptions to the rule. Exam writing can be regarded as a challenge to yourself to see how well you can demonstrate your knowledge of the course material.

If you have time at the end you can return to any questions that you had to skip.

Citation Support Handouts on using and citing sources correctly. With the setting, parameters and outline, you should identify the medium s you will use for this presentation. Take a deep breath and try to relax.

utsc essay calculator

Library skills workshops for school and life. Try your best to block out the sounds and motions around you. The test itself may jog your memory. Choose your medium With the setting, parameters and outline, you uts identify the medium s you will use for this presentation.

utsc essay calculator

Skip to main content. Look at the Entire Test. Problem-Solving Exams Write down the important calcylator that you are likely to forget because of anxiety.

utsc essay calculator

Getting Started on the Personal Statement: