This process will inevitably create contextual differences between regions. Patients with AF, not on practice registers; Patients known to have AF, not risk assessed; Patients eligible for anticoagulants, not on treatment; Patients on treatment, inadequately anticoagulated. This reifies the importance of cross-sector hybrid networked organisational forms for transdisciplinary knowledge mobilisation involving a wider group of stakeholders as highlighted in our literature review, i. In our qualitative interviews, industry actors were signalled as being crucial to the success of AHSNs and significant work was under way to create new relationships in this area: For every CCG it shows the magnitude of current gaps in care, the costs of improving detection and treatment, the costs of stroke and major bleeds, and the health and social care savings delivered by preventing strokes. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

The social network survey and qualitative interview schedules can be found as appendices to this report see Appendices 11 and 12 for SNA and Appendices 13 — 17 for qualitative interview questions. Alignment between health and wealth may be achieved incrementally, over time, as personal networking supporting health and wealth begins to overlap. Using this to develop idea: Atrial Fibrillation Budget Impact Model. National knowledge networking around health improvement Health-NET.

Some AHSN commercial directors felt that monthly networking meetings with their counterparts from other regions were very helpful in formulating their own strategy around wealth:.

This networking would become integral to the unfolding of subsequent innovation projects on the ground. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With so many organisations and individuals involved, creating meaningful change in health care is no easy feat.

Figures 6 and 7 are visual sociograms depicting national knowledge circulations around health and wealth relevant to AHSNs in their initial development. Insights from the literature We develop the current literature on knowledge, networks and leadership in a number of ways.


ahsn business plan

International expertise Business services Collaborative projects Consultancy Facilities Employability points. I look forward to working with members across Kent and Medway, Surrey and Sussex to deliver benefits from businsss cross-organisational projects and initiatives. The difficulty of measuring outcomes for innovations reflects not only the early-stage capture of our own research project, but also the complexity of the innovation process.

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ahsn business plan

We offer parking on site at UHS or through one of our park-and-ride schemes on a limited basis, based on specific eligibility criteria. With an increased focus on integrated Read more.

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We also see this pattern to a much lesser extent for AHSN 2, whose leaders, although connecting bbusiness the dominant AHSC —AHSN grouping, position themselves at some distance and focus on within-region knowledge exchanges to support wealth creation.

This is partly due to innovations being tested in isolation from the complementary NHS services needed to unlock their full potential. Important knowledge contacts supporting wealth by organisational role.

ahsn business plan

AHSN 5 board members hold distinctly different positions from other AHSN leaders, suggesting that these individuals are busihess knowledge separately.

European centres Brussels Paris Rome Athens. Examples of responses are provided below:.

Wessex AHSN Annual Report and Business Plan

Other titles in this collection. National knowledge networking around wealth creation Wealth-NET. Return to search NB: Looking at institutional composition, the NHS made up the largest component, at Networks used to share knowledge about wealth creation differed from knowledge networks supporting health improvement.

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The professional expertise base of these key knowledge influencers was varied Figure 3: This busines was produced by Ferlie et al. Self-published open-source meta-analysis to demonstrate that choice of technology is as important as choice of intervention.

Wessex AHSN programme manager – primary care innovations

We identified several outcomes from wealth-focused AHSN knowledge exchanges, some of which were already being measured i. About Planning and strategy Strategy: Looking at two such snapshots earliest networking to support health and wealth innovation and then later networking to support wealth creation we illustrate a change in who was involved in such knowledge networking and how knowledge mobilised through networks was being implemented by AHSN stakeholders.

We also identify who was involved in this early knowledge mobilisation and highlight the role of leadership in accessing and diffusing knowledge through networking by studying the networking activities of AHSN boards. Guy combines extensive public sector commissioning and systems development leadership and knowledge with private sector experience in high profile healthcare and management consultancy companies.

In contrast, there is a much tighter configuration of board members for AHSN 4, who are tapping into the same knowledge sources as their regional colleagues.

We were interested in the extent to which networks were activated, after the AHSNs had been established, to share knowledge to support health improvement and wealth creation. Chapter 2 outlines these data in more detail. Please be advised that this vacancy may close earlier than stated if we receive a large number of applications.

Other locations Exchanges with over overseas universities.