Find all posts by Ithamar. Would an arcane spellcasting Archivist be a balanced class? Interested in game development? It does in fact appear on page 38 of that document , but shortly after its inclusion the errata was released to clarify how it actually worked. RobbyPants on February 08, ,

Any relevant errata would be in that update. Even without it it’s still a great feat, so why risk the ban hammer. Thats more damage than a Meteor Swarm on average! Originally Posted by Psyren. RobbyPants Female rat ninja Moderator Posts: The Arcane Thesis version is 50ish damage that requires no attack roll, can be split among targets, has no saving throw, and essentially is unresistable. Once you hit CL 11, it surpasses your magic missile example in damage.

Your license is valid, the correct answers from before trumps the update. Oscar the Grouch as a bad ass. Why compare scorching ray to magic missile when I already showcased it doing more damage than a 9th level spell, as a 9th level caster even. Will you also provide a DM that, for some absurd reason, will aracne Shadow Miracles in spite of running an E6 game?

D&d arcane thesis errata

You can use this feat even while under stress. Regardless of its disputed position in the rules hierarchy, some of it was outright wrong. So while a 7th level wizard can cast an Arcane thesised empowered acid arrowas a third level spell, he can’t squeeze in another metamagic feat, nor could he cast a Arcane thesised maximized acid arrowas both of these scenarios would push the effective spell level beyond four.


Worlds of AD. In this case, they’re taking the former reading, which is a valid one. Is the text I posted about arcane thesis incorrect? And what is the measure of legality on that?

Eye, and you may consider a metamagic rod for quicken spell so that you don’t need to cast Arcane Spellsurge when you know dependent variables in a research paper you can end.

arcane thesis errata

I used magic missile as the example because it is pretty much the conventional wizards basic attack spell at low levels. Regardless of its disputed position in the rules hierarchy, some of it was outright wrong. Encyclopedia Arcae Draconis Currently: Also, one is an update and the other is the answer.

Does anyone think that is too powerful?

arcane thesis errata

Tuesday, 6th November, Would an arcane spellcasting Archivist be a balanced class? Please login or register.

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I just said that’s what the rules say. Like 4X aka Civilization-like gaming? Tuesday, 26th August, It mostly sucks and tuesis worth it on its own, but can get out of hand if enough resources are devoted to the one trick. You know, given Arcane Thesis is -1 to the total cost of metamagic not -1 per metamagic and also cannot be used to reduce the cost below 0 see FAQ.


Arcane Thesis – Too Powerful or Balanced?

Law change or new evidence presented isn’t getting you out of jail until a judge changes the answer. Yeah, here’s the errata on AT: Or is it still balanced since you have to spend a feat on Arcane Thesis, plus a feat for each Metamagic feat you wish to use. I think arcane thesis is like any costly build. Weird West Work in Progress: Arcane Thesis – errata I know this is an old thread, and this reply will likely never be seen, but I don’t understand the confusion with this feat, or why it needed errata at all.