Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions”. They will get out sooner than later!!! Op-Ed The Axact case. Those who siphon off billions are given just 10 years,,because they are politicians and here white collar crime gets 20 years in punishment,,,,it tells you JUSTICE is heavily tilted towards powerfull and mighty,,you get away with anything in this country if you belong from elite I hope these folks don’t buy themselves out now and bare the punishment. In Dec , Umair Hamid, 30, the Axact’s Assistant Vice President of International Relations was arrested and charged in a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan with wire fraud , conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for his Axact-related activities. In the wake of media reports, massive crackdown occurred against it by investigation agencies in Pakistan and they confiscated its office premises and its subsidiary company, Bol TV.

Read more Report on torture in IHK. Was it a kind of personal vendetta that outweighed the sanctity of the government department that was pursuing this case? The case of Axact Company is an exact example of how political expediency and not the legitimacy of a case often leads to an action that rebounds, later exposing the inefficiencies of law enforcement agencies and leading people to distrust the prosecution system being practised in the country. This is black collar crime. Does it mean that illegal business activities be allowed to go unchecked and unquestioned?

Seven years for this serial fraud SS is not enough. This is how it has been in Dollar climbs to Rs Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions”. While such a quick decision of the FIA in letting a terror suspect go free was a matter of surprise for many, the absence of a similar practice in the Axact case was a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. axat


All this indicated some sort of pressure being applied on them. Awaam this is a national security threat No Pakistani will think that way!!!

Criminal charges concerning alleged fake degrees were concluded in No matter what justification they will find for this activism, their lack of similar activism on the official US accusations against the Jammat-ut-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Taiba for masterminding the Mumbai attack is an undeniable fact.

The findings uncover that the corporate greed and especially the personal greed of its criminal mind chairman cum chief executive led to devastation of business values, ethics, and corporate citizenship. All fake degrees should be cancelled immediately.

Most of Axact’s revenues from its fake diploma sales came from the United Arab Emirateswhere hundreds of residents used Axact diplomas to obtain high-paying jobs. A number of senior journalists and Stury anchors who were lured to join Bol found themselves in a tricky and complicated situation where they had no choice other than to accept this sudden change, and forget about their appearance on the great launch of a channel that was supposed to bring revolutionary changes in media industry.

First time in Pakistan history some real punishments to powerful elite! The judge should also be put behind bars for taking Rs 5 million in bribe.

The Axact case

The petty fines levied are a slap on the wrist and the two colonels got Scott free- the untouchables as they are. Was it a kind of personal vendetta that outweighed the sanctity of the government department that was pursuing this case?

axact case study

Languages Deutsch Edit links. Once, it was selfproclaiming the largest IT services’ casd from Pakistan. It should have been 99 years plus confiscation of all assets. He had pleaded guilty on April 6, to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. This man brought immense shame to our country, abroad and deserves every bit of it.


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PM okays appointment of 18 ambassadors. Does it mean that illegal business activities be allowed to go unchecked and unquestioned?

Jul 05, It means he looted thousands of people and now these students are suffering abroad. Awaam Are you serious! Nothing will happen to them!!!

Case study of Axact by Syed Naqvi on Prezi

Later the judge was sacked on February 15, due to his admission of receiving Rs5 million bribe for acquitting the accused. He might want to ask how much progress has been made in the investigation of a grenade attack on the house of one of the prosecutors, which was followed by acquittal verdicts ztudy some of the cases filed against the company.

Later he said that while Axact did provide office support and call center services czse the websites, it did not itself “issue any degree or diploma, whether fake or real. Media related to Axact at Wikimedia Commons.

axact case study

It’s actually 7 years imprisonment when all the sentences run concurrently. Got convinced about the system when I saw Dr Asim Hussain coming out of prison!!! Government records show that it paid an income tax of approximately Rs.

axact case study