Thing, and all the other intricate plot details and workings and character development. This dynamic was created in the very chapter before the fight began, by a single line of dialogue spoken as swords were drawn: Rather than Hueco Mundo being the arc of IchiHime love, it ended up being the crystallizing moment of high romance and tragedy for Ulquhime. I appreciate very much your raw tone; you don’t hold back, which is exactly what any shipping essay needs. I am perfectly happy to point out that in the oft-compared Byakuya fight, Ichigo would not shut up with why he was there and why he had to win and what he was going to do once he won. Well so that happened. Because her caring about him the way she does and in turn, him caring about her the way he does saved his life.

Link Reply Parent Thread Expand. He teases her, she teases him right back. The boys at school are whispering about Orihime, talking about how pretty she is, etc. Ichigo never says any of those things here. Again, thank you for such an intellegent view on this pairing. There are times when I wonder whether I’m really getting or understanding what Kubo’s intention is in his manga.

bleach ichihime essay

Though please, it’s not. Instead, he is positively receptive towards her feelings.

bleach ichihime essay

Of course she would lose her mind. Not the others, just her:. When they get to the dome, Ulquiorra has a present waiting for her.


All of this escalates, and builds up to the moment when Ichigo finally snaps and attacks Tsukishima. Now, top all of that off with how depressed he esxay when Orihime was abducted: At the same time, it can’t be seen that he’s protecting anyone else from Ulquiorra. I know, I am extremely harsh on Ichigo and Orihime.

After all, he tells her that like him, she is unsuitable for fighting. In the end, Ichigo did not accomplish what he originally set out to do at the beginning of Hueco Mundo. XD So nothing really happens in the bedroom. That’s what his perception of her is like.

Messages from Kubo Tite:A Shipper’s Essay – Giving it to you straight. NO CHASER!

Ichigo is looking down at her. And there’s the problem, isn’t it? There is every reason to think that Orihime can pull through. The thing about Hueco Mundo is not that it’s about Ichihime.

Disney = IchiHime Lurve: An Essay – Karenai

Comments 40 comments — Leave a comment. Some people become Hollows that really want pink champagne. I also have to thankyou for this: Kubo even wrote a love confession for Orihime, dedicated a chapter to it in his shounen manga. To say that this is definitely Ichigo responding to his love, who he knows because who else could it be – that is esay.

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

Same as the incident with Tsukishima—in a house full of his friends and little sisters—hell, Yuzu would have been ichjhime perfect candidate as the one needing the most protection…But Kubo still used Orihime as the catalyst, the trigger, the breaking point. I just come on tumblr for the pretty pictures, mostly.


This is not the face of a boy who chose to do all this, who made some sort of voluntary sacrifice on a silver platter in behalf of his beloved.

Is it because she smiled and that was enough? Here is the moment when she recognizes her brother: And of all the reasons in the world he has not to keep getting hurt, he made it all about HER. This void of Ichihime happenings can be seen right here: But one day, maybe not very soon, but in the near future, there will come a day when it becomes brutally clear to all that Ichigo and Orihime will never be a canon couple.

Gee, I wonder wssay it could be. He didn’t save Orihime from anything. She does not say that she wants to help – she simply asks for Ishida to take her up.

Is he just a plot device? IchiHime is the only Ichigo-pairing to have a confirmed mutual attraction. That he would succeed.