However, in the late ‘s and early ‘s the first gentrifiers moved into Barnsbury, this urban renewal being being private sector driven as opposed to through local or central government – Williams In the ‘s and ‘s a second wave of gentrification occurred in Barnsbury. The result of this is the complete displacement of the original Heygate community to other areas within the borough and beyond. Use page 46 in Witherick little book! Already have an account? Even since the census, the wave has probably moved on from Brixton and Dalston, where young families are now settling. With increasing house prices and higher expectations of residents, commercial investment increased with retailers and bars and restaurants opening in locations such as Upper Street and its adjacent streets and squares.

Insert image from URL. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. Many properties were converted during this period to multi occupation. There’s been a big increase in foreign accents around, more upwardly mobile foreigners and this is accelerating. However, unlike Notting Hill, the demographic of these first gentrifiers were left leaning liberals and predominantly Labour voting architects, comprehensive school teachers, social workers etc Bugler

Perceived as an inaccessible area. How have the problems of the Coin Street area been solved? Gentrification is no longer just the doing of young, single professionals.

In time, they may even make genttrification to Newham. This is the globalisation on the workforce and Islington has changed, being so central to the City of London because of this’.

case study gentrification notting hill

Perceptions and Results of Questionnaire. Already have an account? Like Notting Hill, this was a result of the changes and growth of the City of London following de-regulation of the Stock Exchange.


CASE STUDY: GENTRIFICATION (NOTTING HILL) – Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the dase above. No images or files uploaded yet. In terms of architecture, the area was developed during the mid 19th century with large single occupancy homes being developed. New graduates now are moving to what were once even grottier places such as Peckham and New Cross. In terms of the former, longer working hours meant a need or at least a desire to live closer to the workplace, as opposed to commuting from the suburbs so popular from the ‘s.

In the ‘s and ‘s a second wave of gentrification occurred in Barnsbury.


Post World War II these houses were converted into multiple units and at the hill time attracted a large migrant population, particularly Afro Caribbean. Show 0 new item s.

case study gentrification notting hill

The other change driving higher income households that could afford to buy in the area and then improve their properties was the increase in double income families. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading Barnsbury, London Borough of Islington. They want to change things straight away regardless of what’s already there.

The abolition of rent controls as a result of the Rent Act also helped private landlords drive out the working classes through higher rents and greater control over their ‘stock’ than they had had previously. And in in the long term? Hlll join this workspace, request access.


Insert image from URL Tip: It is here to stay and keep spreading to ever more unlikely locations. In turn, the city’s employees were a much wealthier group than the original Barnsbury gentrifying pioneers.

Characterised by exclusive boutique shopping, high end restaurants and exponential growth in house prices and also commercial real estate investments, perhaps the area has now reached the pinnacle of what gentrification was originally described by Ruth Glass some five decades ago. Interestingly, these groups included teachers and early stage public sector workers, neither group being able to afford the location today.

Woodberry Down, London Borough of Hackney. Barnsbury, London Borough of Islington Like Notting Hill, the area of Barnsbury in the London Borough of Islington was characterised by terraced housing and detached villas in the ‘s.

case study gentrification notting hill

The New Statesman article also quotes a number of interlinked financial statistics. How can the impacts of gentrification be managed?

Gentrification in an Urban Area by Sophie Richardson on Prezi

Define filtering useful diagram here! Insert a link to a new page. This was described as a ‘state sponsored gentrification’ and could go as far to say ‘social cleansing’. They are making a new economy but are absent from the community’.