What does that mean? Altmayer, Claus this volume. In intermediate language classes, preparation for the discussion will involve more guidance, possibly including activities to study the vocabu- lary and idioms needed in the discussion. Role-plays are also included in many textbooks. The most interesting finding of the study was that both, the U. Are the students coming out of a reformed intercultural learning curriculum better equipped than students from more traditional programs to effectively com- municate and engage with Germans and German culture in either English or German or, as is likely to be the case, in a mixture of both languages?

Eine explorative Studie zum Deutungslernen in der Erwachsenenbildung. In this way students cannot only interact with the content they are exposed to but also communicate with others about this material. If we do not, innovative pedagogical ideas and practices may never reach the average classroom. Overall part-time and time positions are available, based on the employer. Increasingly stringent rules and regulations against immigration are an ominous sign of this Freud- ian return of the repressed. Challenges and Lessons Learned 1. Excerpt 1 M and J are French teachers of German.

Dies aber, die Transformation der vorhandenen Deutungsmuster, ist Lernen im engeren Sinn. At the same time, the Standards for Foreign Language Learn- ingresearcher-teachers like Kramsch,and Byramocver, as well as the Modern Language Association have called for more intercultural and culturally-aware learning.

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The Modern Language Journal, 87 172— The paper discusses how the notion of intercul- tural communicative competence, once seen as unproblematic, is now seen as politically complex and thus requires greater historical and political con- sciousness on the part of the teacher and teacher trainer.


Dazu versucht sie, die folgende zentrale und hochkomplexe Frage zu beantworten: This strand of research on the intercultural is the work of German and Austrian scholars in educational linguistics Sprachlehr- und -lernforschung. This article suggests some answers to these questions by juxtaposing interdisciplinarity and cultural studies and cultural studies and language teaching, and by ana- lyzing intercultural competency as a learning process. No copies tu culo, ok, bien.

Finally, two short examples are given. Its methodology, ambiguous from the beginning, could best be seen as a bricolage. Yet, it seems that the efforts are not always coordinated in terms of cultural awareness or intercultural competence objectives. It uses English as the bridge between the Chinese and the German language and seeks to interest learners not only in the language but in the culture and the history of Germany in an entertaining, humorous way.

German Quarterly, 81 120— Did it stretch your thinking?

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Reform oder Konkurs pp. Week 7 What is culture? Political Perspectives tives on historical events, and enables dialogue. However, some supplementary prose comments help broaden the picture.

Und zum Vierten gilt es, anhand und im Zuge des selektiven Erkennens der fremden Kultur auf exemplarische Weise theo- retisch-methodisches Verfahrenswissen zu vermitteln bzw. Andere Programme haben aber ebenfalls wesentliche Schritte in Richtung multiple literacies in den Fremdsprachen und -kul- turen unternommen.

In the second year of re- lease, the project team attempted to address these issues; that feedback will be analyzed in a subsequent study.


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Hu, ; Hansen, ; Rathje, und die dort disku- tierte Kulturoprtfolio. This would mean that by exposing students to potential misunderstandings and by discussing them we can help them to identify and dissolve fixed prejudices they might have about their own as well as the target cultures. Linguistic and cultural pluralism is more than the mere coexistence of various languages. The topic of the three-day seminar was: Every business or organization has a particular means of conducting business.

Die Kontur des Faches Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

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The kulturpirtfolio silence that ensued was indicative of the limits of intercultural competence when it comes to the appropriateness of openly discussing differing versions of history. These shared patterns identify the members of a culture group while also distinguishing those of another group. A meeting where program administrators, teachers, and parents discuss and articulate these objectives could enhance learning outcomes for our students immensely.

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Material des Internetprojektes www. Niemeyer Verlag Zeit. The privilege of the nonnative speaker.

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Many of the activities offered can easily be adapted to and incorporated in German classes. In ihm werden die interkulturelle Dimension fremdsprachlicher Lernprozesse kulturporhfolio die Rolle des intercultural speaker akzentuiert.

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