This community is for anyone who has experienced, or is soon to experience, the California State Summer School for the Arts. Alex earned a B. I myself am a competitive person, but I probably won’t have as much experience as others when I go there. I noticed on the website it mentioned Super 8 Film and 16 mm cameraless. While it’s important to think about what’s going to help you in your career later on, it’s definitely not everything.

I always tell myself to write everyday, but I just end up putting it off of forgetting about it. Published writers, editors, agents, and select panels are invited to CSSSA for workshops, discussions and presentations. Even though I tend to regret alot of choices I’ve made, I in no way regret that decision. What do you plan to do with your four weeks if you return? As you work through your assignments, rather than turn to a thesaurus, ask yourself the following questions:

For example, John Smith would save his work as follows: Volume V, Casey Robin: I feel pretty capable of writing a screenplay now, though I haven’t because I like plays better.

What makes you want to write? So basically, you sign up for field trips on the first day, usually immediately after checking in and getting your name tag.

accepted (!) CSSSA submission 🙂 – my csssa experience

They might mention that when you go. Group Work Every week students will work together on group projects. I want to learn a lot, yes, but at the same time, I want to make friends and enjoy the atmosphere and not be stressed out since crewtive my summer break. For my year, the spaces for the Disneyland trip filled up really quickly and I barely got one I signed up at around 2: These workshops provide students with an opportunity to freative deep in a particular genre or approach to writing: No fancy fonts, please.


What are your obsessions and preoccupations?

Creative Writing

If sriting don’t, it’s ok, I was just wondering. I loved the writing program- CSSSA is the first place where I realized that I was a writer, that it was my calling, and that it was a life that I wanted to pursue for myself.

creative writing csssa

CSSSA is one of the most free, creative environments a young artists can experience. All assignments must be typed or neatly hand-written, double-spaced and free of errors, and on separate pages.

The thing about CSSSA is that while it is a place csss you to form and perfect your craft, it is also a social environment where, if you participate, you will have experiences unlike you have ever had before. What are the stories you grew up with? Alex lives in Glassell Park where he enjoys boxing, volleyball, and the company of his partner and their child. It had a bunch of documents and a student handbook in it.

creative writing csssa

What’s the final collaborative project supposed to be? The reflection should be about a brief incident, no more than an hour, and should happen in csswa place. Faculty members describe the writing exercises, their purposes, and the problems and discoveries made by the writers. So focus on what you enjoy now. I want to be a journalist, too. Core Class Core is a foundational writing workshop that meets four mornings each week.


Could anyone who has done either perhaps give me insight to the overall experience? Office Hours Every week during Writer’s Desk students will have the opportunity to drop in for office hours with the Creative Writing faculty.

Rceative went that year too. If you feel up to it, please send me the url.

I went to CSSSA in for creative writing and I have to say that yes, that summer changed my life, and it also made me realize what I wanted to do in the future, which was writing. I think you’ll have a great time no matter which you choose.

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And while I’m at it, are there any other accepted animation students lurking on here? Include writers you have discovered outside of school.

Homework wise, I was staying up till one every morning in effort to produce something worthwhile. Csss month is not a long time.