The faster the table scan, the lower the percentage; the more clustered the row data, the higher the percentage. You can use only one of the items. Use the estimated size of an individual index to better manage the disk space that the index uses. What does Z reflects in the above entry? What is meant by ad hoc queries?

Horizontal Partitioning and Vertical Partitioning. Most of them can be classified as either key-value stores or document-oriented databases. I could not find command to see the current structure of table in query analyzer before putting alter table command? I hope this will resolve your error. All attributes for each entity are specified. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

You Can download papers by a simple click on file. Constraints are actually used to limit the type of data that can be inserted into a table. RAID Level 3 stripes data at a byte level across several drives, with parity stored on one drive.

Speed of access, Cost per unit of data, Reliability We can also differentiate storage as either Volatile storage Non-volatile storage Computer storage that is lost when the power is turned off is called as volatile storage.

CS403 Database Management Systems

Lattern long question tha What is UV spectrometry. Given a particular query, the DBMS’ query optimizer is responsible for devising the most efficient strategy for finding matching data.


How can we do this same in WPF? Although you can make a partitioned index invisible, you cannot make an individual index partition invisible while leaving the other partitions visible.

Q 10 3 marks repeated Suppose you have designed a software. So hash partitioning reduces the chances of unbalanced. Today’s mine Cs paper The many types of indexes share the common property that they reduce the need to examine every entry when running a query.

Second is user defined, which are defined by the user. Wilhelm wundt ways of studying consciousness. Maximum specified length is 8, characters. How can we improve data storage and retrieval with the help of physical world example?

cs403 final term paper pattern

Any database can be used along them Lec: As we are studying about denormalization, could you please tell me how and when it is decided that denormalization is required. Incremental Log with Deferred Updates We are discussing the deferred updates approach regarding the database recovery techniques. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. State the main purpose of tegm in relation with the queries executions. In case of vertical partitioningwe specifically give the attribute names which are to be partitioned, whereas, in horizontal partitioning, we apply an condition on the value of attributes to be partitioned.

How to Download Papers and other study data from www. A transaction may consist of many operations.


CS Current & Past VU Solved Midterm & Final Term Papers – Database Management Systems

Following are the two types of user interfaces: Table Level The difference between these two is that column level constraints are oaper only to one column where as table level constraints are apply to whole table. Hashing provides rapid, non-sequential, direct access to records.

The following query syntax will do the task: This is an inconsistent state of the database. What does [ ] means? For example, if a table is primarily read-only, having more indexes can be useful; but if a table is heavily updated, having fewer indexes could be preferable.

Create unique Index …………… query likhni thi? If you want to add a new column into an existing table. Which of the following is an example of volatile memory? RAID-5 is the best choices in multi-user environments which are not write performance sensitive.

cs403 final term paper pattern

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