Implications for Food Security. Unnayan Onneshan, Humanitywatch and Nijera Kori. Additionally, bilateral and multilateral negotiations with developed countries are important for safe migration of the CIDPs in abroad; 3. This study will help the advocates and policy makers to know about the extra pressure faced by the migrants and what type of policy reform and physical initiatives are needed to ensure basic human rights, essential state services and livelihood opportunities for the CIDPs who are now totally homeless. A mammoth amount of money needed for building civic infrastructures like housing, electricity, water and sanitation facilities which are quite difficult for Bangladesh. Forced Migration Review, October , Issue 31

Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees or getting food and water support. To recommend national and international policies reformation for CIDPs. The present situation of miserable livelihoods and also future uncertainty are to be noted. These are listed below: For that reason, people were not ready to take shelter in a safer place with their valuable belongings and they lost all when the saline water washed out their homes.

As an evidence of early climate change, people along in the coastal zone bear testimony to rapid erosion of coastal islands, which may be attributed to aggressive wind-wave interaction with the coastal shorelines under a higher sea surface temperature regime For this reason, it is not easy to identify these classes of people. But the global leaders showed less responsibility to mitigate the crisis Massive destruction occurred due to cyclone and associated storm surge stuudy breached the earthen embankment as well as inundated agricultural land and households.


cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Cyclone Aila has been described as a benchmark of Bangladesh’s success in implementation of effective disaster management system.

On the other side, amongst the participants of the study, years age group is more than Retrieved from ” https: April 84 K.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Actual distances are not shown for Destination out of Box. Bangladesh Agricultural Survey, Dhaka.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Thus the term ‘Climate Induced Displaced People’ has been used in this study to define the people who lost their ancestral homes due to climate induced disasters and forced to migrate internally and to neighbouring regions. During the study period, only 6. Another outbreak of water borne diseases, namely dysenteryhas infected over 3, people. A British-based aid agency Bangladwsh Aid estimates about million people permanently uprooted by climate change-related phenomena by while Myers estimated it as one of every forty five people of the world International Journal of Disaster Risk Science.

Rupsa Aitchgati, Ccase, Bagmara, Jabusha 4 9. One year on from Cyclone Aila”. Bangladesh Meteorological Department BMD ignored the lunatic position and high tide, and forecasted that the storm surge of cyclone Aila may not harm the localities.

Can large scale environmental migrations be predicted? The figure 7 shows that in after Septemberthe displaced people started to back home at a very minimum level.

Cyclone Aila

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. At first, the people of higher and middle classes has left the the Aila affected areas and went to their relatives or rented houses in the city. This type of displaced people had been working in shrimp farms or cultivable lands owned by the influential rich persons of their own areas and lived in the fellow lands of those persons.


The trend continued as some incentives i. This may happened from unity of socioeconomic condition, insecurity of job and also urban amenities related unconsciousness. This push factors include a natural disasters b development projects that involve changes in the environment c progressive evolution of the environment and d environmental consequences due to conflicts6.

As they have a very limited belongings in their own locality. Bangladesh Government is also concerned about the displaced people due to adverse impacts of climate change. Anyone can migrate intentionally for some pull factors towards cyvlone, advanced livelihood and civic opportunities etc.

Respondents were living in a very vulnerable position during the study. The Deputy Commissioner of Satkhira district allocated ten tonnes of rice and Tk. That is why, the city adjacent areas are considered as study area in this study.

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Towards an Integration of Engineering. Among the total Aila refugee about 15, people took shelter in Khulna city and involved in odd jobs like rickshaw pulling, daily labour, temporary wages and agricultural labour. Combining science 21 Christian Aid International Organisation for Migration. At least homes were also damaged in the bangladssh.