Dominic Peel 42 Cards —. Natural Hazards Flashcard Maker: Hector Thornton-Swan Cards —. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Meg Daniel Cards —.

Rice fields were flooded on the Irrawaddy Delta. Josh Connell Cards —. Tropical Storms and Tornadoes: Anglais Fevrier Flashcard Maker: Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, River Tees. Dominic Peel 42 Cards —. Storm development and background.

Tropical Storms and Tornadoes: Case Studies Flashcard Maker: Even then, the Myanmar government did not endorse international aid and placed harsh restrictions on even the most basic forms of assistance.

Gabriella Ingamells Cards —. Cyclone Nargis was the deadliest cyclone to hit Asia sinceBailey Sparkes 27 Cards —.

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Tropical Cyclones Flashcard Maker: Case Studies, High pressure and low pressure cycclone, Hurricane Katrina. Geography case studies Flashcard Maker: Kieran Busby Cards —. Alice Greedus Cards —.

It is estimated that at least 2. Amber Dhesi 1, Cards —.


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It then decreased in strength, only to rapidly intensify on May the 1 st and track eastward, returning to cyclone status.

International MigrationThe Golden Triangle. Hurricane Katrina Case Study. Catherine Humphrey 31 Cards —. Lucy Lovell Cards —. Black Saturday, Hurricane Katrina, Italy.

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Diseases spread with many survivors dying from disease. It was not until 9 May, a full week after the cyclone made landfall, that the Junta finally gave into international pressure to accept outside aid. cyc,one

cyclone nargis case study a2

Geography Hostile World Flashcard Maker: Lauren Bontems Cards —. Hurricane Katrina; Category 5 major hurricane Hurricane Katrina Case Study A death nzrgis of at least people has been quoted, but estimates vary widely, it is thought that 80, people could have died in the town of Labutta alone, making the dase death toll seem unrealistic.

Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge devastation in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma.


cyclone nargis case study a2

Initially the response of the Military government was appalling. Kobe Earthquake, Re, Pressure. Kaytie Rackstraw 45 Cards —.

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