This is the answers. For background information on each use case, see the meeting transcript in Exhibit 3. You will have a multitude of different answers. The date an employee was hired. This causes several problems, including employees being unable to quickly locate other employees, company mailings being sent to the wrong addresses, payroll checks that cannot be delivered, paper-based company telephone books that are out of date almost as soon as they are printed, and less than ideal United Way and Savings Bonds contributions. The company is growing and is very dynamic with lots of personnel changes that occur on a daily basic.

If no employees match the criteria,the system will display a message informing the user and then return to step 2. Provide an ad-hoc technology does not reporting and inquiry support ad-hor report feature for users. Evaluate students’ thought processes in arriving at them. In some cases students may not have been provided with the information they needed to complete all components of the matrix. None None Web programming to be used so employees can have easy remote access. Most students should be able to correctly identify the Uses relationships shown below. During this milestone you will first construct a context diagram to establish project scope and boundaries.

Jack Mills Zhang Yue Created by: Grade based on the logic of the student’s approachto the problem and consistency of implementation.

The office phone number of an employee. Permanent Employer The permanent employer of a contract employee. System updates data for pay rates or job title or supervisor.


esss case study solutions milestone 4

Site,Building,and Room have a natural composition relationship. This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone number changes, beneficiary changes, United Way deductions, and Savings Bond deductions. The system will display the xolutions number, employee’s office location, department, job title, and supervisor.

The Employee,SalaryEmployee,HourlyEmployee and ContractEmployee entities generalization hierarchy entities must all hava the same primary key. Practically any solution is acceptable that includes all events and provides for a logical division of the system.

esss case study solutions milestone 4

Eliminate hardcopy unauthorized data telephone access or modification. The company is growing and is very dynamic with lots of personnel changes that occur on a daily basic. Cost of maintaining and operating current mainframe system excessive Economics. New system must be secured to prevent unauthorized data modifications.

esss case study solutions milestone 4

This use case concludes when the user cancels the search or exists the detailed information screen. It would not be a composition relationship because departments do not create or destory their employees.

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If you will be doing Milestone 5 as a sepatate assignment,you may want to withhold this solution. The sample Jilestone we provide represents a more general description that the user conveyed. A building where employees work in various rooms. Redundancy of keying employee information in both micro and mainframe.

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The diagram caae includes foreign keys,assuming implementation in a relational database. A challenge for the systems analyst is to force the user to prioritize. Another alternative is to start with this data model for Milestone but add addition requirements,such as the Milestone Advanced Option and require that students revise the data model accordingly.


An Employee will make zero or more UnitedWayContributions zero or one each year. A given employee’s information should be accessable only by that Non-functional employee,that employee’s manager,and HR administration.

Case Study ESSS

Often users will stress that everything is top priority. Add this document to saved. Student answers may vary and can form the basis of a class esse. The employee enters search criteria for first or last name, department, location, job title, or supervisor.

This use case describes the event of updating the Employee employee profile information. The mainframe platform is expensive to use in terms of transaction. Users cannot get reports they need in a timely fashion. System must be platform independent and accessible from all desktops and remote locations.

Add this document to collection s. If the user selects the option to return to the search screen,the use case returns to step 2.