The energy distribution is then asymmetric on interaction and non linear. Now we’ve hit noise limits implied by his capacity theorem; overcoming noise in one channel needs power, spilling over as noise into another. The IQbit may help with processor upgrades. Defining detection as real first interaction allows resolution consistent with the postulates of Special Relativity. Only then can any measurements be produced. This doctrine is based in the old Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics; an interpretation which is internally inconsistent and no applicable to the cosmos as a whole.

The natural ‘Dividing Line’ discussed by Dirac between entities precisely mathematically describable and the rest is identified, the two parts distinguished as; physical entities and interactions and; metaphysical. CO ; History and Philosophy of Physics physics. Hidden higher order variables exist between integers 0,1, requiring enumeration. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

No arguments raising valid objection to this original thesis have been found and no EPR ‘loopholes’ are invoked. Wigner, unlike Dirac didn’t recognise the domain boundary line, so some often now wrongly seem to assume that equations are nature! Local Resonance effects The harmonic resonance and phase locking effects involved in tomography, optical tweezers ‘quantum teleportation’ and other ‘steering’ phenomena seem closely or directly related to helicity and entanglement.

The toroid and implicit helical path over time is as found in recent Figure 1: Despite experimental difficulties the predictions are so far verified, but as with Born’s Rule no mechanism is offered. Stella Vittoria BertarioneGiulio Magli. Real physical entities and interactions not derivatives produce real physical effects. Superluminal signalling and action at a distance are then falsified.


Helicity dependent directional surface plasmon polariton excitation using a metasurface with interfacial phase discontinuity. If there is a non-zero probability amplitude for all possibilities in nature it may then be that in an infinite universe Cox and Forshawix are correct; everything that can happen will happen.

Studied by students of probabilism but still mysterious and hidden, Sample Space is the home of chance and invisible ‘probability mass’. Infinities and irrational and transcendental numbers i.

fqxi essay 2013

It further believes that all orbits orbit at the same speed, which is the highest for phenomena thermodynamic.

In identifying the fundamental quality change 0,1 Claude Shannon brought a quantum leap in data handling. Statistica Neerlandica 66, Relative information at the foundation of physics.

e-Print archive, Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Int J Mol Sci. Relative energy density on detections gives the cosine curve locally at EACH detector via relative field orientation parameter. New ‘dimensions’ and degrees of freedom provide the power, implying new law of nature fqdi a domain limited to only ‘real’ entities and interactions, giving quantum mechanical statistical probability amplitudes as Bayesian inverse distributions. Malus’ Law is well know in the EPR case but false assumptions have obscured it’s mechanism and relevance, as shown below.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Potential may then be seen as the players of a team heading to one point to interact as an entity, representing multiple Huygens spherelets. QM’s non- zero statistical amplitude distribution is similarly non-zero but can’t offer any hint about underlying mechanisms or meaning. Notify me of new comments via email. First prize winner of fqxi.


Squaring to 3D spherelets is more precise.

Multi tube optical waveguides are now more common. It’s been assumed that simple 0,1 spin states are all a photon has to offer. It is found that from this perspective, in classical physics substance is more fundamental than information, while in general relativity they are on an equal footing. The EPR case specified a single pair, but a starting assumption that statistics can precisely reflect the evolution of real physical interactions is shown as wrongly used and false.

Quantum Gravity and String Theory

Probabilities of any occurrence in an infinite universe are non-zero. The talk can be seen here.

fqxi essay 2013

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