And as for being competitive for HPSP: Beyond this, we often overlook the fact that these people have families who are also in need of quality medical attention. This website is significantly more useful to medical students who have already accepted the scholarship than to applicants simply looking for information another reason for building this web page , but you may find something helpful if you look around. Personally, I nixed the Navy immediately because I have no interest in spending time at sea it’s as simple as that. The AF is the only branch I applied to and I got the scholarship, but for some people the decision is based on which branch awards them the scholarship, since it is competitive. Getting permanently stationed “overseas” is rare unless requested, and these slots are usually offered to physicians with prior service or “time in the field”.

This means that a five-year general surgery or three year family practice residency with the AF does not add any years to the commitment, but a longer residency of six or more years that is done through the AF will add one or more years to the commitment. Most residencies offered by the AF are five years or less; many six-year-plus residencies, such as certain surgical specialties, are only offered via civilian residency programs, requiring an AF deferment, but not involving added commitment in the end. New York state has had this law in effect for years under the “Bell Commission”, but when I joined the Air Force, the military was one of the only other “institutions” that had a similar cap on hours. See here for more on this. I haven’t had to pinch every penny over the past few years. However, people did as few as 5 pushups and sit-ups and took well over 15 minutes in the 1.

Others are miserable and resentful that they were stuck in a military hospital for residency.

Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP)

Now, to boast about that 80 hour cap is irrelevant since all institutions need to comply as of Summer There is one consistent threat the soldiers in charge drill into you throughout the day: While not always the case, they typically owe more years of service and many plan on military careers.


A “civilian deferment” means the AF has given permission for gpsp student to apply to a civilian program in a given specialty and go through the normal match process via the National Residency Match Program NRMP.

The safest assumption is that you will persobal directly to reserve duty following your active duty service. USUHS students are essentially on active duty as soon as they enter medical school and for the next 7 to who-knows-how-many-years of their lives after that depending on how long their post-grad education is; they all have to do military residencies and may owe more time as I describe above.

Ah yes, then comes the issue of reserve duty. Too often we forget that these are real people who need and deserve the best medical care just like everyone else. This will be my record of every major event in my medical school life related to the Army.

hpsp personal statement

The same variability can be seen among the civilian residency programs as well. However, the concerns are real and often revolve around eprsonal like the quality of the facilities, lack of variety in cases, too few procedures or cases, cutbacks in military healthcare spending, etc. I found the Air Force Match to be one of the most anxiety-provoking experiences of medical school, and that says a great deal.

My patients will not have to worry about how they will pay for their medical expenses, and I will not have to worry about collecting my bills or paying for malpractice insurance which seems to be a bigger issue every day. I would say it is even more difficult to answer than the question: I decided in my infinite wisdom that I could handle the worst-case scenario of ending up as a general medical officer GMO–this is what you can be right after your internship year of residency for four years if it came down to it, and then later follow-up with the residency I wanted to do.

After the residency, internships, and fellowships, comes the active duty commitment. Names of references for all of your addresses. Do not accept the scholarship assuming that this is going to be easy, just because it was “easy” for some in the past! I knew one woman at Buffalo which is state tuition who came to the realization around her fourth year of medical school that the AF was getting a hell of a deal with her and that it almost would have been easier to take out loans.


So far, I have not heard of any medical student in any situation from any branch being called to active duty for the sake of war. For me, I will be caring for the people who protect our freedom. Being able to retire after 20 years is considered by some to be a nice benefit to AF medicine.

Military Match Personal Statement

Get on this ASAP! Discussed the principles of Army I found appealing. That early letter took a lot of pressure off of the situation. Obviously this policy may turn out a better investment for the military, which is why it is in place. Ultimately, medical students do not have stztement valuable military skills; it is only after we become doctors that we run the small but real risk of getting called to active duty. The Green card is essentially a worthless personzl of paper.

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You will be stationed within the hpps US, but during every 15 month period, there is a three month window during which time you may get sent just about anywhere on Earth. The years during residency either civilian or military apparently do not count toward this requirement either.

This COPY of the contract is just to show you what the language is like and to provide a broad overview of the program.

hpsp personal statement

In return for FAP you owe year-for-year of residency, plus one. When you look at the average starting salaries for most doctors you should be convinced of this. This is a four-year scholarship in which the Armed Forces will pay for your medical school tuition and expenses required medical supplies and required books; currently excludes computers.

In other words, they will pay your way through medical school if you are willing to work for them for as many statemdnt later on.