Where can I find scientific literature? I am intrigued with the application of control theory to all kinds of applications. The new corporate font HTWBerlin is a font type developed especially for our university. During your work you should always think about the sense of things. If you want to change the title of your thesis later it causes some administrative work and you will have to contact at least four different parties. The specialised course “Journalism and Media Culture in Germany” can only be chosen in combination with and in addition to the language course “Language and Society in Modern Germany Overall this can happen on a small paper maximum three pages.

A download is possible from http: June – July Registration Deadline April 01, Academic Content The Summer School will introduce students to the fundamentals and challenges related to the engineering of mechatronic systems as well as product innovat How does the final colloquium look like? Recommend this page Your Name. Dies ist aber keine Voraussetzung, sondern lediglich eine Empfehlung. Due to the amount of students asking for a supervision and the limited capacities you should make sure to get in touch with a potential supervisor asap. Overall your text could be written in TimesNewRoman and all headlines, graphics, etc.

A bachelor thesis should not exceed 40 pages. Behalten Sie aber vor allem Ihre eigene Interessenslage im Blick, denn nur mit der eigenen intrinsischen Motivation entstehen gute Arbeiten.

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Development of a Feedback-Controlled Hand Neuroprosthesis: The second supervisor should have been involved in teaching at HTW Berlin in the last semesters. The official application with all signatures from all involved people is your guarantee to be supervised under this topic. Versuchen Sie, diesen Effekt durch Vermeidung von Namen zu vermeiden. Talk to your supervisor about the desired way of citation.


Htw bib bachelor thesis /

Muss eine Thesis einen empirischen Teil enthalten? It would be good to define things at the start. Out of bub different ways of citing, the Harvard style even though it is an old idea is still valid and less interferes with the reading experience compared to the use of footnote for citations.

Normally it is the language your study programme is taught in. Erfindung pauschal an das Unternehmen abtreten. Iterative learning control of drop foot stimulation with array electrodes for selective muscle activation In: Do I need to know the title of my thesis already when applying for the supervision?

Regelung und experimentelle Evaluierung eines Peroneus-Stimulators mit Inertialsensor-basierter Gangphasenerkennung In: Springer International Publishing, Cham, Do I need to integrate a list of abbreviations or a glossary? Analytic Hierarchy Bwchelor for Self-Assessments.

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If you are interested in applying control methods to example application systems beyond the scope of your coursework, please feel encouraged to download any of the following animated Xcos simulation files and face the challenges within! As a hint to make you think about the way you present your findings you might want to consider the following article: Are professors paid extra for supervision?

What should I respect in my presentation during the colloquium?

htw bib bachelor thesis

Themenwahl Die Lebenserfahrung zeigt, dass die Arbeiten mit einem Eigeninteresse der Studierenden meist bessere Ergebnisse erbringen, als wenn ein Thema vom Betreuer bachelot wird. It stays with you for your lifetime. Eine kleine Literaturliste sollte zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits belegen, dass ich angefangen haben, sich in das Thema zu vertiefen.


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Make sure, that you make the text readable. There is no single answer to that question.

You should already have an overview about the most important journals and authors of your field of research when when applying for the supervision. Arial is one of the standard non-serif sans-serif fonts and should only be used in graphics, tables, headlines and whenever words should be distinctly separated.

When using digital sources please integrate them together with a little index file on the CD.

Nonlinear observer with observability-based parameter adaptation for vehicle motion estimation In: Bitte buchen Sie jedoch nur einen Slot pro Termin. Design of an iterative learning control with a selective learning strategy for swinging up a pendulum In: Academic Content The Summer School will introduce students to the fundamentals and challenges related to the engineering of mechatronic systems as well as product innovat We attach great value to offering all prospective students the study possibilities and funding opportunities which individually suit them best.

So please think about a more general title if you are afraid to be in need of changing the title later.