This format is to ensure that students benefit from seeing and responding to each others’ responses. Successful completion of this course is required to advance to the next course in a sequence. It is anticipated that new pending contracts would add staff to all locations. Syllabus View Print Download. Classroom Discussion Topics and Participation. The Interviews in the CIC Case Study provide some information you need about how the process is currently conducted, but you may need to make some additional assumptions. Your work should be original and must not be reused in other courses.

Stage 1 Using the case and the table format provided, analyze the business environment by applying such techniques as Porter’s Five Forces Model. Using the case study provided, you will prepare and deliver an analysis that will be divided into four stages. The Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, houses approximately employees. Responses are kept confidential. Director of Human Resources v. Logically explained, are related to the Case Study, and demonstrate analysis and effective writing.

It is anticipated that new pending contracts would add staff to all locations. CIC relies on its HR Department to find and hire the personnel that the line managers need for upcoming contracts.

ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

Assignments will be graded on your demonstration of understanding of the course concepts, your application of the concepts, the clarity of your presentation of the material, and format including appropriate use of the tools, spelling, grammar, use of APA style, etc. The following policies describe the requirements for the award of each degree: Environmetn organized and easy to read.

In general, if you submit an assignment late AFTER the 24 hour extension, you should send the instructor an email or a ‘pager’ message in LEO when you submit your assignment.

IfSM 300 Stage 1 CIC Case Study Chesapeake

This method is very helpful for effective business writing, a form in which facts, not opinion, drive the analyais of the text. Sources used are relevant and timely and contribute strongly to the analysis.


ifsm-300 case study stage 1 business environment analysis

The HR Director reported that his staff will be unable to accommodate the hiring of the 75 new employees in the timeframe required. Justify an identified strategy for competitive advantage and a specific process that needs improvement in light of the five forces analysis. Components of an Information System – Explain each of the following in relationship to an information system to support the hiring process at CIC: The grade will then be sent to the grade book, stored and made available to you.


Satellite offices have been opened in the last two years in both Herndon, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland to provide close ifs-300 to existing clients. People and Technology 2. IT solution and next steps 14 points 51 Quizzes: Therefore, they need to determine the likelihood of winning a new contract and ensure the appropriately skilled consultants are ready to go to work when needed.

In stages 2, 3 and 4, you will also incorporate any feedback received when the previous stage is graded to improve the effectiveness of your overall report and then add the new section to your report. Background and Organizational Analysis A. A key to successful business writing is quality and conciseness rather than quantity. Recruiter receives application from job hunter via Postal Service Mail Recruiter 2. There is a 24 hour no-penalty automatic extension on all case study assignments, Stages Responses to classmates’ postings should be constructive, expand upon points made, ask additional questions, and contribute to the dialogue.

CIC, like other consulting companies, cannot afford to carry a large number anaalysis employees that are not assigned to contracts.

You should also work with an academic advisor to be sure you are aware of your options and are meeting all necessary program requirements when planning your schedule. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to provide your feedback. Course content should be from the class reading content, not the assignment instructions or case study itself.


Since the early s, the emphasis has been on using information technology to replace manual processes and procedures and to increase the availability of information that management needs to compete in a global environment.


Current Business Environment CIC provides consultants on-site to work with its clients, delivering a wide variety of Analysls services. Syllabus View Print Download. If you are uncertain about your standing, consult with your instructor. CIC anticipates it will win two large contracts in the near future and is preparing proposals for several other large projects.

Each quiz should be completed as ennvironment on the course schedule. Background and Organizational Analysis Stage 1 – The first step is to look at the organization and explain how an IT system could benefit CIC by improving its hiring processes. Since CIC has no experience in the global marketplace, the Director of HR has begun examining international labor laws to determine where CIC should recruit and hire employees.

If the instructor or another student poses a busibess to you, you are expected to respond to it, as you would during a face-to-face classroom discussion. After that, you can retake the quiz to reinforce the learning; however, the grade will not be changed in the grade book.