Years ago I found my end at the hands of an executioner. That’s actually slightly disappointing, as I was hoping to show off some of Wei Shen’s kung fu. Target them and hit them with Quick Attacks don’t waste time winding up Power Attacks. The chest next to the inner sanctum door contains the Spirit Harvest, which boosts EXP from killing ghosts at the cost of no powerups from spirit enemies. Don’t play with the tiger. He’s dressed like some of the brothers at the Black Leopard School who just had generic models anyway , but I don’t remember his face. Seriously, how did nobody notice at any point?

The better path is northwest, which eventually leads to the Forest Shadow Temple. We would go far away and start over. Ignore all the beasties and attack the natural rock pillars around the room. Murder, theft, and worse, yet never a smile or a hint of revelry in what she did. Tell me which of them deserved to die, and why.

Maybe she knows we’re too strong for that to be theiss possible. I know you’re supposed to be manipulating the winds and ripping things apart, but it just looks so weak. Walk over the wine bottles dropped by Hou and use Drunken Master to slay the ghost.

Just take that tesy old man out of my house so that I never have to see him again! Thanks again for your help with those miscreants!

At least not in the way it was originally intended, before it became Literally Kicks Puppies seriously, that’s a thing you can do at full Closed Fist. He thinks that with me out of the way, he has the tannery and all my money. Oh hey, it’s Jinlin. Don’t play twst the tiger.


The Zither of Discord

A structure near the river, “Where wood met water and rock? Thinking about that line, it doesn’t really make that much sense in this particular situation. Our reward for doing this? The next cavern has a large group of cannibals across a bridge. A bit too late for that if you ask me.

Go toward the back of the Inn; in the south corner you’ll find the wall open and an entrance to caverns underneath the Inn. As I said, it was an instrument that belonged to Bladed Thesis, the scholar who first advanced the Way of the Closed Fist as a tbesis. This is the toughest fight we’ve had since the arena.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Since your mother passed away, you were all I had. After, talk to Hou and choose to keep him with you or send him back to the camp site. Once they are all dead, Henpecked Hou runs to thank you for the rescue. Now that was an expensive burial Next time, we’ll finish up the quests in the Necropolis and finally enter that Lotus Assassin fortress.

More and more you surprise me. At this point you’ll begin encountering Lost Spirits. That means we’re done with Tien’s Landing, aside from one last round of camp conversations. Next time, we’ll go back to Wu and maybe show off those alternate ways to complete the Matchmaker quest. The Ghost Lord on the left is the least dangerous enemy in this fight because of his lack of ranged attacks, and so we can leave him to his own devices for the most part.


Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

Ah, she’s an evil BioWare protagonist. Yeah, turns out that unpleasant vibe he was giving off was less “hidden ambition” and more “this guy once murdered a small child because he thought it was fun, and never regretted doing it. If you badger him about what’s really going on at the Inn and have good Conversation Skills, you can get a pointer: The man, or the woman?

Hey, you could help me convince them! I suspect the reward is the final piece to his famous Zither of Discord. The pillar lowers and two furnaces are unlocked.

The better path is northwest, which eventually leads to the Forest Shadow Temple.

jade empire bladed thesis test