Best 10 resources for pictures for presentations; 26 March Farmland and many habitats were lost when the land behind the dam flooded. In this case few people were badly affected. Kielder water was built in the era of the dominant chemical and steel industry, especially in Teessisde. Wildlife habitats were not very diverse or rare in the location so there were not many wildlife habitats lost. All of these transfers fit together to form a cycle which usually starts and ends in the sea. The lake is a tourist attraction.

This is why some believe the project was a ‘white elephant’ The demand for water also dropped after the dam opened as he heavy industry began to decline due to cheap foreign competition. Surface area to volume ratio – l arger surface area means there are more surfaces for molecules to diffuse through, thus increases the rate of movement. Kielder is located in an area of high land called the Pennines. This lead to the opening of a Samsung factory in Teessisde which lead to other companies to build in the area. Help me revise water on the land.

Each one will be broken down the way it is in the syllabus. Report Thu 25th February, Osmosis – movement of water from a dilute solution to a more concentrated solution across the partially permeable membrane. Up topeople in Gloucestershire could be without running water The growing population created a high demand for water. The need for the reservoir seemed strong in the sense of water usage but over time technology improved and the chemical and steel industry machinery used less water.


It is then fed into other east-flowing rivers, especially the River Tees. Advantages Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: Many families were moved from their homes in order to make way for the dam and reservoir. It holdslitres The dam is over 1km long In the process. Active transport – movement of particles against a concentration gradient low to high using energy from respiration. This increases the volume of the cytoplasm, which exerts pressure ivcse. Kielder reservoir in Northumberland is an example of a water transfer scheme.

The USA, Hope they help!

A worthwhile investment and believe it will be beneficial of the future. Woah, loads of new followers! The lake is 52 metres at its deepest point. Official information and visitor guide for Kielder Water and Forest Park.

Case study: Power stations – HEP, Kielder water (UK)

This is a reliable and clean source of energy. The lake is 52 metres at its deepest point.

kielder water case study igcse

LEDC water – Tanzania. There are more benefits than disadvantages. Rock, tarmac and concrete will speed up run off.

kielder water case study igcse

The reservoir’s ability to produce hydroelectric power has added an advantage. Kielder Water Igdse Study Rivers are managed to provide a water supply. AQA A lesson for water on the land which focuses on how water use can be managed and the case study of the kielder dam. Make sure you can name specific locations and icgse facts and figures to prove to the examiner that you know your case study And message me if you have any questions.


kielder water case study igcse

Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Moreover, the valley was an area of outstanding natural beauty so flooding it might have inhibited this; however it could be said that the creation of lgcse lake enhanced it; c reating a scenic body of water well suited to ospreys, for instance.

This results in dirty water and causes waterborne diseases such as cholera.

Water – AQA – Revision 4 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

I took my exams inso these should be up sater date. Kielder water supplements the River Derwent flow when the reservoir is low and fed into the pipe distribution system. Use the case study on Kielder Water Transfer Scheme,