Samuel indicated that from the same source DACF , some other projects within the Municipality are financed. You must be signed in to submit a comment. The literature that I studied mentioned some of the foregoing themes as risk factors to streetism, and some are referred to as resilience resources. Various issues influence the growth of streetism, the most prevalent causes of streetism are: Being international document, it took cognizance of different beliefs, values and traditions as well as wide range socio-economic and political realities UNICEF After that, they were pilot tested at Aboabo, a town at Dormaa which was not part of the final sample and were again re-structured for the final field work. It also provides the research with rich source of data that will enhance and will enrich the study.

Children were not permitted to leave home and stay on their own elsewhere without the consent of their parents. Then the review will focus on the causes leading to streetism among children. This outcome deviates from what Asare and Adombire contended that most street children are Muslim to Christians. Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment. This indicates that most street children at the Municipality migrated from different regions of the country to seek for daily bread and if possible remit their relatives back home. The school feeding programme which is gradually making for increasing enrolment at the selected areas.

It is also a fact that at least each child interviewed on the street has ever been to school before. This is a necessary signal that the pilot basis programmes should be extended if not made nationwide because of financial challenges. It is the positive conviction of the researcher that the following recommendations will appropriately forestall child streetism in the Municipality if diligently and strictly applied.

Many vagrants finish their lives as a result of social marginalization and street dangers. According to UNICEFsuch neglected children prefer to move into the street rather than staying within stepparent settings stepmother or stepfather or in extended family settings.


Ministry of Employment and Rreview Welfare The last chapter consists of findings, interpretation of the major findings and discussions. The children in this group retain a sense of belongingness to the family or household.

What economic activities do children on the street do?

On the one hand there are vagrant children for whom the street is the source of ob. Thus, 10 girls as against 7 boys have been on the street for more than two years. There are children who work on the street and the other group who is called children of the street.

Students from basic to tertiary level can access it but currently accessed by tertiary students mostly. Young children want to consume and the amount of such demands is often beyond the capacity of normal family. The question that posses doubt is, will the licensing be age selective? Again, every child has the right to be protected from engaging in work that constitutes a threat to his or her health, education or development Morrison, The study also looked at the risk and the features of street children, their activities and sleeping places.

The absence of support and secure conditions contradict to the Convention on the Rights of the Child [7]. They get traumas and die on the streets, in prisons or they just disappear after being wounded.

Understanding streetism from the street children’s perspective: A qualitative study

It puts emphasis on the major findings of earlier researchers on the topic under study. Young children want to consume and the amount of such demands is often beyond the capacity of normal family.

literature review on streetism

Litetature Trafficking Act – Act Street children live on the streets spending all their time or they spend some of their time just to earn money to support their families. From the table, age groups influence the prevalence of street children for both boys and girls. From the table, age groups influence the prevalence of street children for both boys and girls.


Unlike children from poor families streetisn rural areas, children from developed countries also go to the streets.

literature review on streetism

Yet, the situation seems to exist in a very serious form in Dormaa Ahenkro Municipality. The same citation stressed that homelessness was not merely a condition of being on the street or the threat of homeless, but in addition, having a highly mobile life or otherwise lacking security without dependable caregivers.

This was not rwview caution as parents must exercise this authority without violating the rights of the child. Thus, either basic one or basic two or three. Children as young as two years old will approach both Africans and foreigners, whom they will ask for money or food.

However, the Department of Social Streeetism staff whose office is located within the Assembly is aware of the scheme.

This is the fish bowl techniques. Where do you spend most of your time? There should be a non partisan committee to determine who qualifies for the scholarship scheme while intensive publicity should be made to catch the attention of needy families. Causes and Negative Effects of Child Streetism An litedature with seventy 70 respondents comprising fifty 50 street children, ten 10 parents and ten 10 staff members of Department of Social Welfare unearth numerous causes and effects of child streetism at the Municipality.

Tuesday market and the main cars station at Dormaa Ahenkro.

literature review on streetism