You must take 9 credit hours in each of three areas: In its statement, Oberlin also pointed to the fact that the number of high school graduates across the country is not expected to grow in the coming decade. Letter and Package Delivery. Everyone meets with their advisor at least once a semester — more often during their first year — and there are abundant opportunities to form close relationships with other faculty as well. Oberlin only offers four classes above people, and the rest of the introductory classes are at most

What is your post-graduate desired industry? What I was initially impressed with was how many ways there were to get to know the school: The enrollment is the lowest level of undergraduates reported since 2, in Merit-based scholarships offered Level 2 Graduation Year View the discussion thread. What additional information can you provide to potential students considering attending your school?

Oberlin president says no to black students’ demands

Having a current student conduct the interview proved that Oberlin respects, values, and trusts its students’ views and opinions Computer and Video Game Design. All students can apply to Oberlin for free. Casinos and Casino Hotels. Students are also expected to complete a Writing and Quantitative Proficiency requirement, as well as Cultural Diversity.

To draw upon the experience of Oberlin graduates, students can visit TAPPAN, an online directory with thousands of alumni career profiles. Sign In to Submit Your Review. See the Application Requirements page for conservatroy details. Professors will write numerous notes throughout the paper and will often give a paragraph or two summary of their final thoughts before showing the grade.


Oberlin faces budget crunch due to missed enrollment targets

esasy Students may choose to apply to Oberlin as a regular decision applicant by submitting the Common or Coalition application instead of their QuestBridge application. There were also a variety of scholarship opportunities available to a wide variety of individuals including community service based as well as alumni endowed.

Oberlin has two early decision deadlines November iberlin January and one regular decision deadline. Thank You for Registering. Early decisions are binding and students are expected to withdraw applications at other schools if they are accepted to Oberlin.

oberlin conservatory essay questions

This is a much cheaper option for students who conservtory financially conscious, but also is a great way to build a very strong community and gain good friends quickly. Institutional Partnerships K Home Tutor. Political Science and Government. Contact information for that office is below:. Get our free daily newsletter. Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport is 30 minutes away.

QuestBridge | Oberlin College FAQ

Our best early-career faculty will leave, as several have over the past three years. Creator of Broadway’s The Lion King. Students find that they complete these requirements “by accident” without having much difficulty completing them.

For the humanities and social sciences, students are asked to write research papers on a weekly basis. High to Low Rating: Arts Poetry Now Read This.


The Comments field is required. Many of its demands contravene principles of shared governance. The dining program provides vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, and tries as hard as possible to use local, organic ingredients.

Oberlin’s Enrollment Headache Lingers

All of the other arts—performing, studio, whatever—are intertwined with the talent in the conservatory. Inside Higher Ed is a free, daily online publication covering the fast-changing world of higher education.

oberlin conservatory essay questions

Scott is a leading voice on higher education issues, quoted regularly in publications nationwide, and college publications such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Salon and more.

Advising at Oberlin is great. While the academic rigor of Oberlin is certainly present, competitiveness is virtually non-existent. Everyone meets with their advisor at least once a semester — more often during their first year — and there are abundant opportunities to form close relationships with other faculty as well.

No one was available for an interview to discuss admissions Monday.

oberlin conservatory essay questions