Lanspa 1 ; I. There were no kidney stones, but instead, a 3 cm left adrenal mass was reported. Serum renin and aldosterone were normal, as were urine catecholamines. Rhodococcus is often overlooked in cultures as a non-pathogenic organism and its insidious onset often leads to delays in diagnosis. Maiorano 1 ; P.

There are documented cases in which cultures from the vegetations grew more organisms than the blood cultures, further exemplifying the fastidious nature of the organisms causing endocarditis in intravenous drug users. Based on her carotid and coronary aneurysms and significant eosinophilia, our patient was diagnosed with a vasculitis, most likely Churg-Strauss syndrome or Takayasu’s. Estes 1 ; M. Physical examination revealed absent breath sounds throughout right thorax with decreased breath sounds half way up on the left thorax. The patient was oriented only to person, but did not complain of any localized pain or difficulty breathing. In considering stopping therapy, it is important to weigh the risks of chronic hyperthyroidism against the risk of arrhythmia. Mikhail 1 ; M.

While a tentative diagnosis of LHON can often be made based solely on patients’ clinical history, fluorescein angiography and electrophysiology studies may be helpful in confirming the diagnosis. Saleheen 1 ; H. No acute cardiopulmonary process was evident on chest film. Possible causes of this relative polycythemia include dehydration, alcohol, smoking, obesity, hypoxia, acute MI, and hypertension.

pan ulcerative colitis case study quizlet

Patient subsequently discharged home without complications. On review of symptoms, he complained of decreased appetite with 20 lb weight loss over the past year. This case also highlights the complications of disease process, specifically hyponatremia SIADH and adverse effect of treatment acyclovir induced nephropathy and how to manage them astutely.


Propofol was initiated for sedation and methylprednisolone and levofloxacin were given for a presumed post-obstructive pneumonia.

pan ulcerative colitis case study quizlet

Koneru 1 ; R. A subsequent CT scan showed a 7 cm mediastinal ulceraative with inhomogeneous enhancement extending from anterior to middle mediastinum with no lymphadenopathy. Of the nearlycases per year, only 0. In a review of the literature, neither propofol nor hypertriglyceridemia have been reported as potential causes of this stusy error.

Most commonly, it is caused by excessive secretion of GH by the somatotroph adenoma of the anterior pituitary.

Atray 1 ; T. Hyperbaric oxygen may be helpful in extreme cases to reduce the intravascular air bubble size. Our patient’s young age for a hip fracture prompted an evaluation of secondary etiologies of osteoporosis.

Complete work-up including renal function was normal. Plain abdominal X-ray demonstrated a dilated transverse colon with absence of gas in the distal colon. Typically, infection spreads by direct invasion without respect to anatomical barriers including fascial planes, forming multiple abscesses.


Blood cultures, urine cultures and chest radiographs were normal. A year-old man with a history of mild BPH, colonic diverticulosis and hyperlipidemia presented to his doctor’s office with a two-day history of lower abdominal pain, dysuria, urinary urgency and frequency.

El-Bialy 1 ; J. Viral pathogens can cause a variety of syndromes when affecting the central nervous system including aseptic meningitis and encephalitis. The next day, the varicella-zoster PCR performed on cerebrospinal fluid was found to be positive.


Results of a previous bronchoscopy demonstrated small cell carcinoma. Follow-up exam revealed interval development of moderate spasticity in both lower extremities, a mildly positive Romberg sign, and worsened vibration and joint position sensory defects. To discuss the differential diagnosis of an incidental splenic cyst.

Maiorano 1 ; P.


Physical exam revealed severe bilateral optic atrophy with an otherwise normal cranial nerve exam, decreased vibration and joint position cqse in both feet, and a slow and wide-based gait. The rest of examination was unremarkable. Physical examination revealed a dysconjugate gaze, a dilated fixed right pupil and a visual field defect. His blood cultures were negative for bacteria, fungi and acid-fast bacilli.

Labs were only significant for an elevated wbc count with microcytic anemia. This patient received pentoxifylline without significant change in her laboratory or clinical parameters after 4 weeks of treatment. She had been in stable health without recent opportunistic infections.