I have learned so much about my students not only as readers, writers, mathematicians and inquirers… but also as humans. Like most things that you want to see flourish and grow on their own, building empathy can take a little ground work. It was a success! I believe that we all have in us the passion to live a fulfilling life and I think that starts with 1. And some wanted to email the parents to see if anyone would donate what we were looking for. Authentic Inquiry Maths is a blog by Bruce Ferrington.

Some wrote a summary: Aesthetically appealing bulletin boards ready for whatever we decide to use them for! I am pretty much always looking to connect what I curate to my students in my classroom. Finally he covered the erasable marker with green tape. I was going through my digital sketch book and came across two graphics on Agency that I created a few weeks ago. It was interesting to see that every single day students made changes to the organization as they realized that some things placed in the cabinet were needed more often than they thought, and that the more organized the shelves were the easier everything was to find as you needed it. It is about inquiring into topics that you are passionate about and finding out what action you can take to make an impact.

Now we are finally ready to put these differentiated, student-led, family supported homework plans into action! Then we sorted each table into smaller groups. Notice the learning that is happening everyday.

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So we took inventory. Here is where we ended… Here is where we started…. It is staggering the bomework she can do and how quickly she thinks, learns, does. Here is what I discovered: Our first attempt was my worst nightmare. It was really important to me that after this process was finished I asked the students to share their perspective of what it nomework like to help set up the classroom.


I took everything out of drawers, out of boxes, and off shelves. Regardless of where you are in your journey toward agency, this blog post will give you an idea of how one school are putting into practice what they believe about student agency. They are short, interesting, and most of all, contain an important message that ;yp can be sharing with our students. The second asks you to look at how your decisions support agency in the PYP.

With some modifications and improvements to the process of course. Then he realized it was more efficient to hokework of all the measurements first, then to go back and draw the lines. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Students quickly realized this was a massive project and asked if everyone could help.

pyp 001 homework

Bulletin Boards The students who signed up to do the bulletin homeworo took many different approaches. We then watched some videos to support our understanding of hokework central idea and the Exhibition process: Will it be a success? Then some interesting discussions occurred about what the colours on a map mean and how to choose which colour for which country.


And the coolest part was that so many of them made modifications to what was available to better suit their needs.

Having all hands on deck made this process much more enjoyable and less overwhelming. I knew I homewprk to have a space where students could always write down these things, but it started off pretty slow. The cherry on top? So I created a few stations on the floor with options for building, creating, designing, making, reading and playing.

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That would mistakenly be along the same lines as the common misconception that inquiry teachers do not plan. She is also a PYP Coordinator in India, looking for ways to move teachers forward in homeework learning with specific focus on single subject teachers. After sorting and organizing for three days we just had to know how many books we had in our library! One student had the idea to collect bottle caps for a project his uncle is involved in.

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Are there needs not being met? I am curious to see their reaction. Like water bottle flipping, why the Maldives are sinking, palindromes and the life of Ruby Bridges.

It is a spoken word poem that I listened to three times and could easily watch again…and again. Loving what you are doing.