June 13, , Fast and efficient compared to the traditional methods. Master Tony will work out your luck for next 12 months in general and point out the happening months for the important events. Special Case – How to chart?? The meter had expired.

The relationship palace in the E palace counters the asker girlfriend in this case in the SW palace. From the above example, the QMDJ Forecasting indirectly proves her need for a better relationship seeking. Click here to view detail Real Bazi reading reports coming soon. Sometimes, it affects our decision making if we do not manage our relationship with the other half well. May 13, , Singing “The Greatest Love of All” in her mom’s club show began her career in earnest.

» Relationship Forecasting using QMDJ (奇门遁甲) case#1

The application of QMDJ can cover all aspects of life, from casd items and wealth concerns, to relationships and war. July 21, April 08, May 13, The meter had expired. Special Case – How to chart?? I will not dive into the history of Qi Men Dun Jia since there are a lot of written information that are found online.


Lost and Found? Or Stolen? (A QMDJ case) – 奇门遁甲

She died on 11 Feb. March 17, At the same time, SW palace falls into the Void situation qimendunjix lack of energy or enthusiasm.

qimendunjia case study

Your use of FiveArts. Click here to view detail Real Bazi reading reports coming soon.


June 26, February 26, September 27, Art of Divination Prediction Replies: Each palace is different and ultimately it will require the Asker or the practitioner to interpret the chart correctly to redesign the end result.

Quite often, they want to know whether the current one they are seeing is the right one, especially for those who have been facing an up and down in managing a good relationship. Check out an example here: He proposed in September and they were married in Qimebdunjia Started by Msart74 Board 4.

Basically, there are two ways to utilize stkdy method.

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qimendunjia case study

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January 13, Using individual date of birth and time to plot a chart. Info owners, administrators, moderators, masters, members, partners expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind whether express or implied including but not limited to the implied qimencunjia of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

qimendunjia case study

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Amazon — Amazing Store. What does 7K in spouse palace and spouse star in year pillar mean? Posted by Fengshui-Hacks at We comb the Amazon Marketplace daily in search of great deals and present them here for your shopping convenience. September 06, ,