Learning Strategies Offer a variety of services for graduate students including workshops pertaining to learning, writing, and research skills at the graduate level. These requirements include proof of: You may use a smaller font size for graphs, formulas, footnotes, and appendices; avoid italics. Use OD4B to manage and sync your thesis files and also to share them with the members of your thesis examining committee see below. The only exception to this is the English for Academic Purposes Academic English courses offered by the English Language Program to fulfill English language proficiency requirements. The main thesis file must be in PDF format.

In order to be eligible for a study permit, you must satisfy certain immigration requirements. The only exception to this is the English for Academic Purposes Academic English courses offered by the English Language Program to fulfill English language proficiency requirements. Credible assessments of your work from credible referees are essential to your application. Line Spacing Must be at least one-and-a-half spaces, except for the thesis abstract, which should be double-spaced. Once verified, the Graduate Office can defer your fees for you pending receipt of your award. With your supervisor’s permission, you may defer the start date of a September offer to January, May or the following September one year maximum.

Stage 1 – Writing: Thesis Formatting & Other Resources

Missing or late referee reports will put your application at a disadvantage. MSc students are more likely to pursue a PhD torobto a career in academia. I’ve completed a PhD in electrical and computer engineering, but I’d like to apply for a second PhD in computer science.

Check with your supervisor for discipline-specific formatting. It is also a good idea to keep your statement of purpose and references relevant and up to date. Once the application is submitted, applicants can view the application and confirm that all their documents have been uploaded. Applicants should explain why they think that their professional development activities or work experiences should be viewed as equivalent to academic work conducted at a university.


sgs university of toronto thesis template

SGS recommends scheduling regular consultations with the supervisor, attending formal dissertation writing seminars when offered, and joining student-organized groups to gain support and a sense of community. What are the thesis requirements?

We do not have an admission round for January Annual supervisory committee meetings: Without payment of the fee, your application will be incomplete and will not be processed. If the system does not automatically recognize the format of the file you have uploaded, you will be asked to select the appropriate format from the list offered.

Do you offer distance education? TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date. These awards are for students who are out of the funding cohort but need a little more time to complete their programs about 1 term for MSc students and less than 2 years for PhD students. Students who enter the PhD program with a master’s degree from elsewhere will receive 48 months of financial support to complete the PhD degree. Our faculty and graduate students consistently produce high-impact research that is among the most highly cited in computer science and attracts attention far beyond the discipline.

As the two programs cater to different interests, your statement of purpose should be tailored to each program.

CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/ut-thesis

If made an offer, applicants are required to request official transcripts be sent to the University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, directly from the issuing institution. Some applicants are contacted for additional information or for a telephone interview. As a non-degree special student, students may take graduate courses to qualify them for admission to the degree program.


Of these 60 months, students receive up to 17 months of support to complete the master’s degree and 43 months of guaranteed support to complete the PhD degree. This stipend can also be increased by taking on a teaching assistantship. Use of these resources is optional: Students can choose from a variety of housing options both on- and off-campus.

Thesis & Dissertation Writing Support

At the qualifying exam, students present a literature review universiy research related to their interests. Culminating years of significant thought and research into a dissertation is rewarding, but it can be very challenging too. Admission decisions are made conditional upon receipt of final transcripts which should then show that the applicant has: Please print this document for full details.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

If you experiencing financial difficulty, first let your supervisor know. Please note that the addition of late information to your application does not cause it to be re-read.

These requirements include proof of: These templates assist you with the formatting and production of your thesis, tornto you must ensure that your thesis meets SGS formatting requirements. Publishing Page Content 1.

There are a number of tools available to help you manage your thesis files.