In retrospect, this cost overruns risk was badly handled in the Channel Tunnel project and there are valuable lessons to be learned, to avoid similar incidents in future. This helped to frame the overall success of the project. How and when to implement the solution, and how to evaluate it, are even much more important than the solution itself. The tunnels were to be constructed with the help of 13, engineers, technicians and workers. Lump sum FP for the terminals and the mechanical and electrical works for the tunnel.

The Chunnel was also privately funded, which is rare for large-scale public infrastructure projects. The Channel Tunnel however is a recent construction, and is hailed as a major engineering achievement. A Project Management Perspective French government, financial and commercial parties. As mentioned earlier, the rate of tunneling in the initial stages was slower than expected, and the labour costs on the British side were higher than expected Costs, Risks, and Financing. In retrospect, project management was handled very well in this aspect. Normally for large-scale projects, there are challenges with initial estimates, scope management, and the contract type. In , when contractors checking the aerodynamics of the Channel Tunnel, they discovered that it would require air-conditioning.

Not enough was understood to limit the impact of known and unknown risks. Of course, there is no indication that the designers had deviated chunhel standard technical principles.

The new technology required significant modifications during the project due to unexpected conditions and changes required by various parties. Communication and teamwork broke down in several key areas during the closeout phase.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

At this juncture, it must be noted that the Chunnel project was sufficiently huge that sub-projects from different phases had independent timelines that occasionally overlapped. However, some of these secondary sources caee entirely technical, focusing on specific engineering problems. The Channel Tunnel Project: The delay in the delivery of the project and exceeded budget had a very big impact on the ROI of the overall project.


A Project Management Perspective The redesign caused unexpected delays and high costs.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study – ppt video online download

Furthermore, calculations were made to see whether it would be cheaper for passengers to drive, or take the existing ferries. Teamwork between the bi-national companies was not very encouraging.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The construction remained divided between the two countries, but were under the supervision of one construction director. Three undersea tunnels were bored towards France and three underground tunnels towards the terminal site at Folkestone.

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Project control specialists were introduced for the roles of Tests on Completion Director and Commercial Directors, among others. The contractors had to pursue these claims for financial survival, but the frequency and size of these claims soured relations between management and contractors.

A broader quality control had been offered through inter-group peer reviews. Financing the Channel Tunnel Private funding for such a tge infrastructure project was of unprecedented scale.

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Chunnnel cost of the mm-change was almost 79 million US dollars with a nine-month delay. Actual Costs of Construction Eurotunnel project costs are decomposed into construction costs, corporate costs, and financing costs. Documentation from the sub-projects had to be either translated or be described in both working languages, important meetings had to be conducted in English or simultaneously translated Lemley.


the chunnel project case study pmp

There were conflicts between Eurotunnel and TML due to the huge cost overruns and delays in construction. For example, the equipment used for drilling was state-of-the-art, but it was discovered later that less sophisticated machinery could have been used, with the same results.

See Appendix for more details. In return, the investors had complete power over deciding prices and the government were prohibited from regulating the prices except in potential monopoly situations.

From a project management perspective, there was a direct correlation between scope definition and cost estimates. Among this, was the pipeline process that had seen the construction team start their work before the monitoring operation team had assembled any cost of changes.

However, the marginal costs were higher for the ferries in the long run.

This guarantee amount in turn assured banks to invest their shares. These purely technical issues were not the priority in this report.

This study addresses the Channel Tunnel Chunnel project, undertaken to create a connection between. This would create a spur of economic development. While the technical achievement of the construction is not up for debate, the implications of the time and cost overruns are serious.

Train companies access to the Euro tunnel? Most of studg were fixed immediately thanks to advanced techniques.