The LGUs my also explore the possibility of building linkages with church organizations and civil society at large who can readily help in the recognition and promotion of assistance to the Barangay Tanods. In terms of Cultural Addoptation and Integoration 2. Below 5 years years 15 years and above If visitor how many times visited the area? They handle a small community like purok or sitios. Barangay tanod helps in the fight against crime and in the protection of general safety in the barangay. Table I presents the distribution of respondents. Statement of the Problem This research aims to evaluate the relationship between the level of peace and order in Inabanga Bohol and the level of performance of barangay tanod in maintaining the peace and order.

Basic concepts and methods in research: It is one of the implementing mechanisms of the Barangay Peace. The study is anchored on the Local Government Code , duty of barangay tanod serve as 1. Below 5 years years 15 years and above If visitor how many times visited the area? Barangay tanod is an organization composed of trained men to protect and serve the community against lawless elements and this theory manifest that as an organization it should be cooperative in establishing and maintaining good communication for its effectiveness. They were classified as to age, educational attainment, length of service, and training attended.

What could action plan be proposed to evaluate the performance of the barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order in Inabanga Bohol? Nelson G Laru-an, Penny L. In this sense, the upkeep of peace and request is a piece of the establishment for veritable, community based improvement.

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thesis about barangay tanod

Peace and order in local communities means a feeling of a common sentiment of security among the residents. A barangay tanod, also known as a barangay police officer– and sometimes theis BPSO which can stand for barangay peace and security officer, barangay peacekeeping.

Armed with nightsticks, they are often exposed to dangers. To the barangay officials. Help Center Find new research papers in: Interview with stakeholders, local government officials, as well as focused group discussion among experts, were also conducted to deepen the assessment of Barangay Tanods Performance. They could be tapped for intelligence gathering and patrolling thus, enhancing police visibility barangqy the Barangay, and even during emergency and disaster operations, he added.

Thesis About Barangay Officials. This essence anchors on the theory that supports the efficiency of the barangay tanod in San Jose Bbuenavista, Antique.

Performance of barangay tanod

Documents were requested and given varangay the researcher that includes barangay profile and map. The second ttanod refers to the process include the steps in the conduct of the study while the third frame shows the output consists of the level of perception of the respondents on effectiveness of police community relation The line from the output leading back to process and input is called the Feedback which means that there is a continuing process and when there are errors committed along the line, the researcher may go back either to the process or output.

thesis about barangay tanod

Director General Nicanor A. What is the level of performance of barangay tanod in maintaining peace and order as perceived by the residents and tourists in terms of:.

The Problem and It’s Scope

Thesis about barangay health center – Bullying thesis. The barangay tanod brigade plays an important role in the development and progress of the barangay.


With enough information about this issue, most likely everybody is arranged and can work independently without living in fear. Residency Resident Visitor B.

Thesis about barangay tanod

To the students especially those who are taking up BS Criminology. At present, Barangay Tanods are considered not only as force multipliers but also important partners in preserving the environment and useful public information dissemination agents: Utilization of tri-media should be fully optimized highlighting the role of Barangay Tanods in keeping the community safe and secured and its role in national security.

There are no significant differences in the level of performance of barangay tanod as perceived by themselves classified as to age, educational attainment, length of service, and trainings. Click here to sign up. Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior. They are composed of civilian volunteers guarding our own neighborhood from lawless elements and they have proven their worth in the prevention of crime by serving as deterrent to criminals especially in areas where policemen abkut scarce.

thesis about barangay tanod

The study has shown that the effectiveness of the performance of Barangay Tanod depends on the support of the community and the institution where he belongs and his own perception and attitudes towards his role. Thesis about barangay tanod. Day by day, crimes happen around us, which we cannot simply disregard.

Table I presents the distribution of respondents.