Replace the user variables, i. The title page is considered to be page i, but the number is not typed. Submit a copy of no dues to your department office Note: Corrections should not be made in ink or with opaquing fluid. Statement of Thesis Preparation. If the sub-head is too short to allow this, the sub-head should begin on the next page.

This is the substance of the dissertation inclusive of all divisions, subdivisions, tables, figures, etc. The titles of chapters, sections, first and second order subdivisions, etc. It has a great interface, easy to use and an inbuilt document viewer. No preceding material is listed. In either case, it should contain a brief statement of the problem investigated.

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Submit the last no dues copy to Alumni Office in Outreach. This document, referred herein under as thesis guide, gives the general and specific requirements regarding thesis preparation including guidelines for the arrangement of contents. A sample of the final layout can be seen here Installing Latex MikTex is the main package which is available for free for both windows and linux.

thesis format iitk

Fill up the form for refund of caution money. At the time of thesis submission every student should submit a signed checklist in the following format, to the Chairman, SPGC: In either case, it should contain a brief statement of the problem investigated. Introduction may be the first chapter or the first major division of the first chapter.

Corrections should not be made in ink or with opaquing fluid. D and a partially bound form coiled wire binding, clamping or filing for M. How to Use Extract the contents to the folder of your choice. Several aspects of thesis preparation, particularly style of writing and presentation, have not been discussed in much detail in this document.


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The subsequent typing begins four spaces below the heading. Once you have no dues in every row of your online form, submit it and go to DOAA office. In that case, you need to visit Accounts Section to submit the money and then give the receipt to library. fornat

If pertinent works have been consulted but not specifically cited they should be listed as a Bibliography or General references. These lists are double spaced between entries but single spaced within each entry. Formta thesis may be in two or more volumes if its bulk necessitates it. Includes chapters, bibliography, toc, appendix, etc.

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They should be inserted as close to the textual reference as possible. So wait till then. Submit your offline department no dues form in your department office and ask them to clear no dues online. It should outline the scope, aim, general character of the research and the reasons for the student’s interest in the problem. In the matter of style, structure and presentation of the thesis, students may refer to additional manuals or reference guides some of which are listed below and thesix the published literature in their respective fields of study.


The editor window thdsis shown below: The student should submit the copies of the thesis in a fully bound form softcover for Ph. Over and above the aforementioned points, a thesis should be easy and pleasant to read both in its appearance iirk presentation.

Statement of Thesis Preparation. The volume separations come at the end s of major division s The preminary pages prior to Chapter 1 are contained only in Volume I except for the title page.

iiyk Submit a no dues copy to DOSA office. Posted by Unknown at 7: The general text of the manuscript is double spaced while long tables, quotations, footnotes, multiline capyions and bibliographic entries references are single spaced.

thesis format iitk

Get thesis certificates signed by your supervisor depending on the number of examiners. The bibliography file is already filled with entries to serve as a template. The entire package can be downloaded from here. Clear your space and get department no dues form signed by concerned authority Now, Brajesh Mishra Sir. Take X number of printouts of your final thesis. Do not use photo mounting corners, formwt or staples.