Clinical,Coursework,Thesis and Mode of Study: Master in Medicine Inner Medicine. Postcolonial Literature in English by the Government of Malaysia with 5. Master of Health Science Clinical Linguistics. Undang-undang Perdagangan Islam 7. Kesusasteraan Pascakolonial dalam 4.

The breadth and depth of the knowledge expected of DBA graduates are reflective of our commitment to excellence — offering opportunities to pursue and uncover knowledge within business, management, finance fields and other related areas. Kerja kursus Bentuk Pendaftaran: Pendidikan Bahasa Arab Hearing and Speech 3. Teknologi Pembuatan Alam Melayu 4. Full Time and Part Time 5. Arkeologi, Sejarah Budaya dan Tamadun 2.

Ed in Business and Entrepreneurship Education 2 M.

yuran master coursework ukm

Some programmes are required applicant to undergo an interview session before being accepted. Anatomy Mode of Study: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours. Kuliah bagi separuh masa diadakan pada Isnin hingga Jumaat mulai jam Mod Pengajian: Ethnic Studies Registration Status: Child Law Programme A: Mathematics Education Mode A: Ed in Economic Education.


Multimedia dan Kepenggunaan 5. Ed coursrwork Curriculum and Pedagogy 2 M.

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Application for research mode programmes can be made any time throughout the year. Botany Mode of Study: Share this post on: Technical and Vocational Education Registration Status: Chemical and Process Engineering 3.

An international candidate is required to fulfill the English Language proficiency requirements as follows: Urban Ecosystem Management 9. Calo aka e daftar se agai Pelajar Ta pa Ijazah. Important topics covered and offered in this program include history and origins, yuean and literature, methodologies and scope, institutions and popular movements, impact of society and politics, as well as modern development.

yuran master coursework ukm

Pendidikan Komputer Doktor Falsafah: Midwifery Mode of Study: The following tables show the programs and tuition fees for bachelor, master and Ph.

Undangundang Syarikat dan Perkongsian Programming and Software Technology Registration Status: Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours.

yuran master coursework ukm

Ijazah Sarjanamuda Pengajian Islam Syariah dengan Kepujian yang baik dari Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia atau dari mana-mana universiti corusework diiktiraf oleh Senat; atau 3. MSc in Dental Science. Ed in Computer Education 2 M.


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Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan 8. Anthropological linguistics Mode of Study: Urban Ecosystem Management buildings 2. Islamic Education Mode A: Undang-undang Jenayah Islam 6.

Ijazah Sarjana Muda dengan Kepujian tetapi tidak mengkhusus dalam bidang Ekonomi ii. Full Time only Registration Status: Research Only Mode B: